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What's the best product in the Tom Bihn line for a small netbook?

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  • kcee
    You could try the cache netbook.

    Size Netbook: 10.9" 7.6" 1.0"

    The material is flexible, so the width should work.

    Its not as protective as a brain cell, but if it's in a cache which is inside another bag you should be fine.
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  • mrae
    I have the same asus you do and I have a brain cell that fits my asus perfectly. It also fits perfectly in my Synapse computer section but the brain cell and asus don't fit into the Synapse.

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  • savoyard
    thanks for the feedback but -

    I shoulda mentioned that I have an Empire Builder with the Brain Cell clipped inside, and the Ristretto doesn't look like it will fit inside the EB.

    It appears that the netbook era has kinda passed Tom's design team by....

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  • KarlJ
    I had a custom fitted sleeve made for my Mini 9 (this is just before my TB days) that I routinely carry in my Large Cafe Bag. Of course it works well in all my other TB bags. I'd get the Ristretto for iPad if I were doing it again.

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  • ams123
    If I'm just carrying purse stuff and my net book I use the Ristretto for Ipad.

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  • What's the best product in the Tom Bihn line for a small netbook?

    I have recently switched to an ASUS EEE1001 as my portable PC.

    It really bounces around in my old Brain Cell, and nothing in the current Bihn lineup seems sized to cradle something of its dimensions (roughly 10.3 x 7 x 1.2, same as the rest of the current ASUS and Acer netbook line)

    Any suggestions??