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Owning an Aeronaut 30 AND a 45 …?

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    I own both sizes of the Aeronaut because they serve different needs.
    I have used the Aeronaut30 (mine is also burnt orange) for many one- and two-night business adventures, trips which required minimal stuff. I have a Patagucci MLC45 that went on some multi-day tours. Nice bag for going carry-on-only but I was happy to replace it with a gently used blue A45 when I go the chance.

    I know the A45 will work (I have test packed several times) but I have not had a chance to use it yet and I may not until 2023 when the wife says she MIGHT allow me to go to Europe again. Might.


      bbcamp bartleby Bogiesan Thanks for the additional input, everyone! And Bogiesan, hope you can make that trip to Europe soon. I've never been and really hope to go someday … England, Germany, Austria, Italy … aaaaah.

      I'm glad I have the A30 for now. Considering the burnt orange A45 looks like it won't be available for another few months (August-September) that gives me time to think about it. It will probably just come down to finances … I've been catching up on a lot of medical checkups and stuff now that the covid vaccines are starting to do their thing, which is expensive; if I feel like I have most of that paid off and a bit of free cash come autumn when the A45 becomes available, I'll think about getting one!

      In the meantime I've got a pre-ordered Medium Cafe Bag and Large Shop Bag hopefully coming in July, and a few other items (Side Kick, Everyday Cubelet) coming up in the 6/8 restock to tide myself over
      My Bags: Burnt Orange Medium Cafe BagSide Kick Aeronaut 30
      Canary Large Shop Bag Aubergine Everyday Cubelet
      With: Island Packing CubesTravel Tray Cubelet Dawn Wallet