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17" Macbook Pro-HUGE!

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    17" Macbook Pro-HUGE!

    Well I went looking at the new Macbook Air little guy and found an amazing deal on a 17" Macbook Pro while I was at it?

    A lot more machine for just a little more money.
    Anyway this thing is huge.

    Has anyone fielded one of these in a Horizontal orientation in a Super Ego?
    I put a Speck shell on it right away to keep the outside pristine and I have a vertical Bihn zip top bag that it fits in but I would like to have it protected in the S.E. I think while being able to just slide it out fro use.
    If I use the Vertical sleeve I need to remove it first and then remove the Macbook,not real smooth.

    I am thinking of the giant horizontal Brain Cell but am hoping someone has already tried this and can advise?

    I would also be happy with a sleeve if I could easily use it like it was a part of the bag and not the computer.

    It seems that the only Bihn Briefcase this might work in is the S.E.?
    It goes in a Brain Bag easily but I find a horizontal bag better for daily use for me.


    I have a 17.3 inch Dell Studio laptop and it fits in my SE (with a brain cell) just fine. In actual fact, theres room to go for a thicker laptop! All horizontal too. I'd imagine that the mac is thinner than the dell so chances are you'll have even more space than i do to carry ... other things

    So the Super Ego with Braincell will definately be able to hold your mac
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      I should point you in the direction of the braincell fitting guide.



        Thanks for the reply.
        I know the Brain Cell is made that will fit the Macbook I just am not certain that the Brain Cell with Macbook will fit the SE!


          According to the SE Order page, the Brain Cell 1 (which will fit the 17" MacBook Pro), is an option. So I assume it will fit :-)
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            Well I called and spoke to Bihn this afternoon about this and I was told that the Macbook in the Speck Shell would not fit in the Size 1 Cell.
            So I ordered a Size 2M that i am told will work and fit in a S.E. which I already have and use daily.

            I am a little worried it will be too big for the computer and cause it to flop around in the Brain Cell but I can also exchange it and try the Size 1 if it does not work out.

            I imagine though that others have already bought a Size 1 and if so please let me know how it worked.
            Same for the size 2M also.



              fits fine

              my 17" MBP fits inside whatever Brain Cell is TB sells for it and the duo fits fine inside my Super Ego


                Originally posted by AVService View Post
                Well I called and spoke to Bihn this afternoon about this and I was told that the Macbook in the Speck Shell would not fit in the Size 1 Cell. Ed
                This is a little worrying! I have a 17 inch unibody Macbook Pro that fits nicely in my Super Ego with a size 1 Brain cell. I plan to get a Speck See Thru Satin shell soon. There seems to be enough space in the brain cell to fit a MBP with a Speck shell.
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                  Just wanted to update this post with my experience.
                  I got the 2M Brain Cell back when this post started and the 17" Macbook in Speck shell slides right in.
                  It seems HUGE inside the Super Ego but I have been on the road with it steady for the last 2 minths with a 13" Macbook inside a MacTruck Hard Case and 2 iPads and a large Spiral Notebook and a loades Snake Charmer all in the main compartment!

                  What I need is a new shoulder or a capable and willing Sherpa!

                  The Super Ego just holds an actual Ton of stuff.
                  I also carry all of the chargers for the above machines,Little bags of memory cards and other USB devices.
                  MiFi cellular modem,Canon G10 camera and support stuff,glasses,pens backup drives,flashlights and on and on.

                  To be fair I have an almost equal load in an Empire Builder where the Windows machines go.This includes 2 Toughbooks,a Netbook and a bunch of other stuff.

                  Too many bags,Too little time.



                    I've traveled around the world by plane, train, automobile, bullock cart, camel, longboat and even porter over the last 4 years with a 17" Macbook Pro. First the all silver one then the new unibody. The TomBihn Brain Cell and Empire Builder is a FANTASTIC combination. I mean my bag has been thrown 6 feet from the top of a truck to the ground with no damage to my laptop. When I'm out and about I slip out the brain cell and voila .. mini case. It's my portable office.