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Synapse or synik

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    Synapse or synik

    Just discovered these awesome bags and keen to order one....or 2!!
    dilemma - need to fit 15 inch Mac book pro - need something to use as everyday bag and also to go away for 3/4 days with (clothes etc)
    prefer clamshell
    synik 30 looks good but will it be too big for me - only 5 foot 2 inches ??
    synik 22 won’t fit MacBook ?
    synapse not clamshell and would it be large enough
    Also reading forum it seems the synic is newer than synapse
    so really dunno which to buy....can anyone comment please?
    also any comments on which is the best outer material to go with
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    Welcome to the forums suet This is tough, because I’d say that for your height the Synapse 19 and Synik 22 are better matches in comfort than the Synik 30, and that the Synapse 25 would also probably feel more comfortable than the Synik 30. (For reference, I’m just under 5’4”). It’s possible to carry a 15” MacBook Pro inside the Synik 22, instead of in the laptop pocket, but I wouldn’t do this as an EDC solution. The difficulty is that the bottom of the Syniks have a design which both adds extra padding at the base, but also curves to match the shape of the width of the bag. The 15” MacBook Pro is just wide enough so that if you carry it inside the Synik 22 the corners fall where the base is beginning to curve up. (It’s tolerable for occasional carry of the 15” MacBook Pro; for the 16” MacBook Pro inside a Synik 22, the laptop contact with the bottom of the bag would essentially sit at the bottom two corner points, on the curved transition).

    It’s more feasible to carry the 15” MacBook Pro in a cache inside the Synapse 25. But that bag was not designed with both EDC laptop use and travel in mind. It has been separately used for travel (see, for example, Synapse 25 kitted for summer travel 05-12-2016 by @Badger)

    For me, I’d say that while I can carry the Synik 30, it feels as though the strap design fit was optimized for someone with broader chest and shoulders than I have, and that it’s more noticeable for me than in the Synapse 25.

    Hopefully you’ll hear from other users. I think that it’s trying to make the same bag work for EDC with laptop and for travel that raises these issues. I don’t require that my EDC laptop bag be the same as my travel bag.

    To add to the mix, the Tom BIHN folks are about to add a new bag, the Technonaut, to the product line. This is primarily a travel bag (like the Aeronaut 30 and Aeronaut 45, but with a built in compartment for laptop.

    Hope this helps get discussion started.


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      Thanks Moriond - maybe I will just get the synik 30 and see how it goes - not many options really ?


        Good decision!

        Our daughter is 4’10 and carries her Synapse 25 with a weeks worth of stuff when we travel so you won’t have any issue with size. I have both a Synapse 25 and Synik 30 and prefer the Synik when packing a laptop and the Synapse when I don’t.


          Ah now the issue with colours as the 30 not available in the lovely aubergine with grey interior - anyone have the taiga color - the black halycon looks nice too - I will have to search to see if there is a post about best color combos
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