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Help with MCB color choice... Least likely to fade?

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    Help with MCB color choice... Least likely to fade?

    Hi All!

    After 5 1/2 years of daily carry (as my work bag, computer bag, diaper bag, hiking bag, EDC bag, etc...), my Navy Cordura MCB is looking pretty faded, even after a good cleaning. Functionally, it's as good a new, which is amazing, but I'm going to get a fresh bag when the new batch is available. So now I'm overthinking the options, and looking for advice about which fabric and color to choose...

    I essentially have two considerations. (1) I'm looking for a masculine neutral color that can be carried at the office and out-and-about, without being totally dull. The old navy Cordura was perfect in this regard. (2) I'd like to keep fading and staining to a minimum, as I use my bag daily and I'm not that careful with it.

    I'm looking at:
    • 1000 Cordura
      • Olive. (Might be a bit too 'military' color for the office?)
    • 525 Ballistic
      • Deep Blue (Too shiny?)
      • Black (I'd miss the red airplane logo!)
      • Ursa (What does this look like in person?)
      • Wilderness Green (Not really an office color?)
      • Burnt Orange (I'm sure this isn't an office color, but it looks cool...)
    • 630 Recycled
      • Nebulous Grey

    Any thoughts would be appreciated!


    Aubergine. For me this is my favourite and works well for casual/leisure use as well as for more formal office use. I haven’t noticed any visible fading.


      There are some pics of my Ursa and Aubergine MCBs in this thread: https://forums.tombihn.com/forum/tom...ors#post331446

      I personally find both colors to be a great neutral! I use them depending on mood and there are some clothes I don’t like the Aubergine with (certain purples and reds), at that times I carry the Ursa MCB. Ursa is a great neutral when your clothes are more neutral or cool toned. It might not work as well if you wear a lot of very warm earthy colors…


        'Office use' really depends on your office and what you're comfortable with. I think all of those options would be fine, a few might read as more vibrant than others but not in a bad way. The only time Olive seems 'military' is when it's combined with other 'military' colors or designs. Another consideration is the fabric appearance. Cordura has more of a matte look to me than the 525 or 630 ballistic.

        Have you thought of contacting Tom Bihn for swatches? I know that's helped me make decisions especially putting them against clothing I wear. I've even taken the swatches with me for a day to see it in different lights, and how I feel about them after 'living' with them for while.


          Ursa is a neutral color that's a great alternative to black.


            When I first started buying TB bags, I avoided blacks or greys thinking why would anyone buy dull colored bags when there are so many color choices. Now, I almost always buy black (black halcyon > black ballistic > grey) only, especially for office use. The shiny black is the best color in my opinion.


              I'd say black, ursa, or olive will all work ... For subtlety I prefer black because it works great for international travel: low viz (so it's good to avoid being tracked, standing out, showing size/fill level), hides nice on an airplane or train seat, fits in everywhere. If I was never going to travel with it, then I'd probably go for Ursa or Olive depending on how much I walked & swung the bag - cordura is abrasive is if the bag rubs your clothes they'll lose that battle over time.

              Funny story from years ago:
              I kept having to replace by chinos because only the side belt loops would wear out - I thought it was from a phone holster or digging in my pockets and didn't think about it until it starting happening a lot and then ... ooohhhh I traveled with a cordura shoulder bag and during airport maneuvers the rubbing was wearing the belt loops right off my pants!
              Seeking Verde Aeronauts


                Thanks everyone, that's helpful! I think it'll be Black or Ursa for me. Maybe both...