Can anyone report on how a packing cube could work in the Cadet? I’m looking at a two-bag scenario for travel (along with a Luminary 15). The Luminary would be my in-flight bag, plus be the EDC. This would hold my camera (Fuji X100V), tech pouch, gum, snacks, rain jacket, etc …

My clothing, DOPP, liquids bag for years was the Red Oxx Air Boss. As I became more efficient with packing, I switched it out for the Mini Boss. Now I’m finding that too large for what I carry. Plus, the laptop side has a lot of wasted space (for me, anyway).

I’m looking to use an Eagle Creek medium compression cube. The uncompressed size is 14.5” x 10” x 4.5”. Compressed I could probably get it down to 3-3.5” deep. My DOPP fits in a small Q-Kit. And, of course, a small ziplock for the liquids. These could go in the side pockets.

I’m really just looking for a super minimal bag with the smallest footprint possible.