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Synapse 19 shoulder straps

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    Synapse 19 shoulder straps

    I'd like to buy a Synapse 19 to replace my French Blue Synapse 19 (purchased in 2017) as the inside edges of the shoulder straps are putting unnecessary and uncomfortable pressure on my collar bone area even when packed with minimal weight. Carrying it fully loaded is unbearable for that area plus my shoulders. The straps are Bound and the space between the straps where they're sewn to the top of the bag is 3.5cm. I'm hesitant to buy another S19 because I can't figure out if it's the Bound straps themselves or the spacing or a combination of both that's causing the issue due to these factors:

    - My Synik 22 has newer Edgeless straps with a 7cm gap between them. I can haul a fully loaded S22 all day comfortably and without the straps causing the same kind of pressure as the S19 does.

    - My Paradigm has the newest Contour straps with a 2cm gap between them. During testing, I carried the same weight in both the S19 and Paradigm, and there's no question that the latter is significantly more comfortable to carry. I placed even more weight in the Paradigm and the straps still did not put any pressure on my shoulders and collar bone area.

    I'd love to hear about experiences from anyone who has tried both Bound and Edgeless shoulder straps Synapses. Does anyone have the same experience as I do with the Bound straps? If you did and bought a new Edgeless strap S19, was there a difference in the spacing between the straps and was it an improvement in the carry? Thank you in advance!
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    First post here, but long-time lurker and customer. I got my new S19 with Edgeless straps last week, after using the S25 with old-style straps daily for 2-1/2 years. (Not sure what the Contour straps are, but they look like what I have on the S19.)

    The Edgeless straps are thicker and more comfortable. Not sure about their long-term durability, but the old straps didn't "look" as durable as other packs I've had, and they're still perfectly fine after 2-1/2 years of carrying some seriously heavy loads, so I'm not worried about it. (My concern is the stretchy thin part where the Edgeless strap tapers and "becomes" webbing.)

    I know that the placement of the S19 straps was changed because people thought they were too close together and rubbing against people's necks. If anything, I've had the opposite problem. For whatever reason, the new S19 straps _feel_ farther apart. They tend to slide off of my shoulders more easily if I don't use the sternum strap. But I wonder if this is because of other variables, like how new/smooth the straps are, whether I'm wearing Gore-Tex (it's winter here in Vermont), or how full the pack is. It's a different size/shape, for sure, so time will tell.

    I just measured the gap at 6cm. (I don't have the S25 with me at the moment to measure.)

    tl;dr -- the Edgeless straps are more comfortable, and I'm happy with my purchase. I am likely to buy a new S25 with Edgeless straps now that they're being made with these _incredibly smooth_ racquet coil zippers. (Good riddance, AquaGuard!)

    P.S. I'm a 5'10" broad-shouldered male.
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      Welcome to the Forums monoamine_hypothesis !

      Nice to hear that the new S19 is working for you - what colour/fabric combo did you get?

      FYI, There have been changes over the years to the spacing and angle of the straps on the Synapses, in addition to the big change from 'Bound' to 'Edgeless'... and the Contour straps are a lightly padded & curved minimal type strap used on the Zeitgeist and Paradigm
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        Welcome to the forums @monoamine_hypothesis The tapered design on the edgeless straps of your Synapse was originally used and explored on the Luminary backpack. The padded straps on the Luminary were also the starting point for exploring and developing the edgeless straps. As G42 stated, these designs have also translated into usage with mor recent smaller backpacks such as The Zeitgeist and Paradigm. I believe there are still some bound strap options for the Synapses.


          Thanks! Glad I finally decided to chime in. The S19 is the same as the S25 -- black ballistic over NW Sky, with Iberian zipper pulls. Love that blacked-out logo, and the new zippers.

          It's a bit smaller than I need, but that was the point, to force me to pare down what I drag around with me. And anyway, I can carry the excess in my new black 525 ballistic/Tidal Halcyon OSCA that was just delivered and is waiting for me at my door.


            Not sure if this helps, but I can’t use synapse 19’s at all. The spacing between the straps in every style (I’ve tried five from different time periods and different spacings) is too close and causes lots of pain at the base of my neck even when practically empty. I am a 5ft petite female if that makes a difference. I recommend the paragon, that carries like a dream and has similar capacity. Organize with pouches, charmers, and ghost whales instead of the synapse built-ins.
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