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Recommend me some Accessories for Synapse 25

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    Recommend me some Accessories for Synapse 25

    Hi, I have a Synapse 25 on the way and I’m curious about what accessories work well with it.

    Is it necessary to get all 3 of the laptop cache, frame, and freudian slip? Or can some of these replace each other (at least a little bit). For example, does a freudian slip provide extra support, therefore the frame sheet isn’t quite as necessary?

    I’ve also read mixed reviews about the frame - in your opinion does it add comfort?

    Thanks for the help!

    Welcome to the Forums Askz

    There is a wide range of views and experiences of course; that's why the accessories are optional - everyone likes to organize differently.

    The S19 fits me better than the S25, but other than size, they are designed the same. I find that the frame is nice if you like the bag to be stiffer/more supportive against your back, especially with loads of mixed and/or floppy items. When I carry a laptop or a clipboard, it's stiff enough that I don't feel like one is necessary.
    With that being said, I have several S19s and not all have a frame sheet in them and I was fine with them before the frame sheet was released.

    With regards to the Cache, I use a stand alone padded sleeve instead, that makes it easy for my laptop to move from bag to bag. I never seem to need to pull the laptop out whilst keeping it attached...and I have Global Entry/TSA PreCheck when flying.

    For the Freudian Slip, I rather use pouches and stuff that are more 3D vs the FS with very specific slots/sections. The FS does add stiffness to a bag however.

    I put some stuff in the two side pocket slots and like using Ghost Whales in those pockets; water bottle in the WB pocket...in the 'chin pocket' I tend to use an all fabric 3DOC. In the main compartment I'll put whatever I need to carry that day...
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      Originally posted by G42 View Post
      Welcome to the Forums Askz

      With regards to the Cache, I use a stand alone padded sleeve instead, that makes it easy for my laptop to move from bag to bag. I never seem to need to pull the laptop out whilst keeping it attached...and I have Global Entry/TSA PreCheck when flying.
      Just adding to G42's feedback. I was originally planning on saving some money by using an existing laptop sleeve that I have. It works well if the bag is packed moderately. What I found was if I didn't have a lot of items in the bag, the laptop sleeve would be floating around in the bag and as I walk it would slap back and forth against the frame sheet and the water bottle pocket side of the bag. So as I walk the laptop would sound like clunk clack clunk clack clunk clack. I ended up ordering the 15C Cache as it is big enough to hold things from laptop to large ipad to thin folders and notebooks and travel documents. The gatekeepers at the top also tethered the Cache to the top of the bag so it wouldn't clunk clack clunk clack clunk clack as I walked. If I were to go through TSA I would pull the laptop out of the Cache, so the rail system wasn't something that I need. It was the tethering to the top 2 loops and the quality padding and zippers that sold me on the Cache. If I were to go hiking and wanted minimal weight, I'd just take the Cache and the frame sheet out.

      Just thought I'd provide another point of feedback. Everyone's experiences with certain products are going to be all different!



        Hi I agree with what has already been said. I have a Synapse 25 in Original Halcyon which I use as an ADC and an overnight bag for short trips. I find the frame sheet invaluable, and I also like the Freudian Slip for organisation, although its not essential. I always use the cache for my laptop (MacBook Air 2019), and I use a HLT Size 2 for cables, chargers etc, and a Side Effect for valuables, AirPods and in-flight essentials.


          Thanks for the replies everyone. Super helpful! Looks like I will start with the cache and go from there.


            I don’t own a laptop so I can’t say anything on the cache. I also prefer pouches and whales to a freudian slip. The frame-sheet is invaluable, makes a good carry and incredible carry. Throwing in one caveat tho, if you’re using an s25 as a “personal” item on a budget airline that might need to go in the sizer, then leave the frame-sheet at home, makes it too tall.
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              I’m a big user of small and mini organizer pouches. Everything needs its own space and cannot take up more than it’s fair share of space. I use the frame sheet and an iPad Cache but rarely use my Freudian Slip.


                I got both the Cache and the frame to go with my S25. The frame really made hauling the bag around international airports a delight. I really like both. I'm on the fence abut getting the S25 Freudian Slip, because its need is taken up by other TB products I have.
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