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Pilot as a Packing Cube

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    Pilot as a Packing Cube

    Hi there,

    I currently own an Aeronaut 45, and I'm looking at a Pilot in Ursa 525 Ballistic as an EDC bag / day bag for travel.

    When travelling, I'm also planning on packing the Pilot in the Aeronaut, sort of like a fancy packing cube.

    Here's what I intend on packing:
    • Mirrorless camera body (Fujifilm XT2) + 2 prime lenses
    • Extra camera batteries and SD cards
    • 14-inch laptop (Lenovo T495)
    • Power brick
    • Mouse
    • Notebook (A5 size)
    • Pen
    I've carried a generic laptop bag in the Aeronaut with a similar loadout before. It was a tight fit along with all my other stuff but it got the job done.

    Will the Pilot work in a similar fashion? Will it fit better as a packing cube (since it looks kinda cube-like)?

    Thoughts and opinions welcome. Thanks!

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      I bought a Pilot in halcyon, despite having one in ballistic, because I wanted to pack it inside an A45 or Hero's Journey (HJ). I went with the halcyon because it is a little lighter but also because the fabric is less stiff than ballistic, making it easier to stuff inside, or when empty to lie flat on top of or underneath packed items.

      Ultimately, I rarely used it as a packing cube. I used it more as a flight bag (and briefcase/EDC when I arrived), and would put it in the A45 or Hero's Journey to walk in airports and elsewhere with less on my shoulders. I did use it crosswise on return trips after too many purchases. My in-flight load was a laptop (14-inch) with adapter, minimal toiletries for longer trips, water bottle and some snacks, NC wired earbuds, phone, some work reading materials and Kindle, notebook, a couple of pens and pencils, and a battery bank. It fit under the seat, no problem. For security it was relatively easy to pull out the Pilot and then remove the laptop or whatever else was deemed to be a threat to flight safety. Don't forget the water bottle!

      For EDC the load was similar, but usually without the in-flight supplies, but I often carried a Panasonic DMC LX-100 which is probably the same size as the Fuji and a prime lens, and maybe a light sweater. With an Absolute Strap the Pilot is a comfortable carry. During the flight I left the camera in a padded case in my locked A45/HJ in the overhead bin.

      (It's all getting fuzzy now because I haven't traveled since a few months before COVID. It seems like another life.)

      In short, your load seems doable, but you may want to consider using the pilot as a flight bag instead of a dedicated packing cube unless you have another solution. It's well organized and fits under the seat in front of you. I liked it a lot and often took it on business trips because of its versatility as a briefcase or a casual EDC.

      Good luck with your decision.
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