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Need some advice on supplement for synik 30.

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    Need some advice on supplement for synik 30.

    I’ve taken a job that’s a commute each day, meaning there’s no lunch at home anymore. I take my coffee in with me, and I need to start carrying my lunch. Since it’s winter, I’ve been carrying a thermos of oatmeal with me, too.

    what I need is a suggestion on a bag that will hold a container for lunch (or maybe a whole lunchbox) and the thermos and maybe the coffee, too.

    i looked at the cubelet, but it seems too small. The truck or other tote bag may be overkill, so any suggestions would be great!

    I don’t know the size of your lunchbox, but I would suggest either the Packing Cube Shoulder Bag or Le Grand Derriere. They are about the same size in length and height, with the LGD having more depth. I would look at the dimensions on the Tom Bihn site and confirm that they would work with your particular lunch needs, but I have both, and feel like they could easily hold everything I need for lunch and a thermos.

    Both easily fit in my S30 with plenty of room for other items as well.

    To me, the decision between the two obviously comes down to price. The LGD has become my EDC, and then goes in the Synik if I’m carrying more/other items. Plus I love the retro look, but I know it isn’t for everyone. If that is interesting to you, then I say go LGD. If not, then the PCSB would probably be the way to go (assuming you look at the dimensions and feel good about your particular lunch setup).
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      Thanks for the reply! "Supplement" may not have been the right term. I meant "in addition to" because I'm not looking for something to put into the synik, and at least I don't think I am. I don't want to risk a spill or anything near my computer and other devices. I'll look at those suggestions, though, and I may have to wait until I make a decision on a lunchbox.


        I’d recommend the packing cube shoulder bag. It’ll fit your lunch but won’t take up too much extra space in your S30.

        edited: saw you’re not looking to put into the S30, so the PCSB might not work best for you.
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          If the LGD is the right size for your thermos and other things, it can be worn as a shoulder bag. And it has the advantage of being able to convert into a hip pack if you are hiking. Otherwise, maybe something like the Pop Tote? That's what comes to mind from the Tom Bihn line. Either way, I recommend the Zojirushi mug for coffee. It's very leakproof!
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