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Synik 22 - questions before buying (am I making the right decision?)

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    Thanks for the advice everyone.

    So, after worrying and debating about it for a few more weeks, I went ahead and bought the Synik 22 after all. I know that several of you suggested I look at the S30 instead. I ultimately took G42’s suggestion: “go with what you think you’ll use the most right now”. What started me looking at backpacks in the first place was that I needed a replacement for the messenger style bag I’ve been using for my work for the past 15 years. I also knew I wanted a backpack this time. Being able to use the new bag for air travel as a personal item and for other things are all bonuses. Just like I never packed my messenger bag full of clothes for a weekend away, I don’t plan to use this bag for that either. The S22 is actually a bit bigger than the messenger bag it’s replacing. I think the S30 would have been too big for my particular use case. However, I have to admit that it is on the small side. I may have considered returning it if I wanted to do more with it than use it for a work bag. I have a feeling I’m going to buy a second bag for non-work stuff later, maybe a S25 in halycon nightwalk or mars red. This S22 is going to be my “work bag”. The bag I keep in good shape for work and the bag where I store my work tablet and other work stuff when I’m at home.

    FWIW, I wanted to share my first impressions and provide answers to some of the questions I had about the bag in case this is useful for someone else:

    - Opening the box what struck me first is the bag is even nicer than I expected (and I expected a lot for the price). I bought it in black / island. The island blue is much richer looking in person. The whole thing looks and feels very premium looking. I like how the label is all black. It’s all very understated and tasteful looking. Perfect for my office environment and downtown commute.

    - Shipping was very fast, and not nearly as expensive as I feared. I’m in Canada. I ordered the bag on Tuesday morning and I had it in my hands about 48 hours later. The taxes and brokerage fees came out to less than $50 CAD. There were no other taxes or duties due. It was also very easy to pay the fees. I received an e-mail from UPS about 24 hours after ordering. I paid online with my credit card, and that was it.

    - The bag easily fits my work SurfacePro tablet and my personal Ipad (in fact, they both fit in the laptop compartment together, even though they both have cases).

    - My Nalgene 1L water bottle fits in the water bottle pocket, but sadly if the bag’s more than 1/3 or so full, it’s a little too tight for my liking. I’ll get a smaller water bottle, but it’s good to know my favourite water bottle does fit if I want it. It also fits very well in the chin pocket (it’s a screw top, it won’t leak).

    - I also bought a matching HLT1. It’s bigger than I expected. It can fit my iPhone 11, wallet, keys, a bunch of power cords and pens no problem. I regret not buying a carrying strap to go with it.

    - I also got a ghostwhale pouches. The small is the perfect size for an iPhone, pens, sunglasses, you name it. The A5 size easily fits the size of notebook I use for work as well as a bunch of pens.

    - The bag is compact looking, but that’s what I wanted. It’s not unreasonably small looking on me, a 5’ 10, average sized man.

    Attached are some photos of how the 1L Nalgene bottle fits into the S22 and how my iPhone fits in the HLT1 and small ghost whale.


      Tobyspruce I'm so glad this worked out for you and thanks for posting your thoughts and photos - it is super helpful

      Regarding the strap, any small strap with clip ends will work with your HLT1. You can order a TB one and since it's small and low cost, I believe they'd ship in an envelope, possibly USPS which might make it all not too expensive...you could experiment with what goes in your cart or contact the Customer Service folks.

      ETA: also, your Synik should have come with a Gatekeeper waist strap...if you don't use that for the backpack, you can use it as a shoulder strap
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      I like all the blues and greys...and all the happy citrus colours too! My search unicorn is the Sapphire Dyneema original Small Shop Bag...


        Tobyspruce I’m also torn between Synik 22 choices for a work tech bag. Your post has helped immensely, thank you!

        Happy for you that you got what you needed. 🥳
        — Follower of TB bags since the early 2010s.
        — Finally got a Techonaut 30 and 45 (Black 525d/Island 200d) in 2022.
        — Waiting for a Synik 22 in Black 400d + one of the blue inners in 200d. Praying the Synik 30 Guide’s Edition in Deep Blue/Coyote returns.


          kz_adventures I hope this doesn’t make your choice more difficult, but I’m actually finding the Synik 22 too big for my current work needs. I expect I’ll use it more in the fall/winter or on days when I have a lot to carry. At the moment, I’m just carting a Surface tablet and a few papers and pens back and forth to my office 2 or 3 days a week (I WFH the other part of the week). I’m planning to get a DLBC to use for work until I need to start carrying more around with me. I used a messenger bag for many years, so I think I’m also slightly more comfortable with them. I also returned the HLT1. It was very nice but more organization than I need.


            Tobyspruce That’s understandable 😲👍 Thank you for sharing. That makes sense if you’re more used to messenger bags and want it just right for your needs.
            — Follower of TB bags since the early 2010s.
            — Finally got a Techonaut 30 and 45 (Black 525d/Island 200d) in 2022.
            — Waiting for a Synik 22 in Black 400d + one of the blue inners in 200d. Praying the Synik 30 Guide’s Edition in Deep Blue/Coyote returns.