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Paradigm/backpack concerns

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    Paradigm/backpack concerns

    Well, based on my post from last month about what used to work no longer works, I was pretty sure I was going to buy a Paradigm and a small Freudian slip. I mentioned in that thread that I have an LL Bean Stowaway backpack. I went to an outdoor event on Saturday and wore the Stowaway. This was for only about 2-3 hours.

    I ended up with back pain, right in the center between my shoulder blades. What has me flummoxed is that I hardly had anything in the backpack, just my TB wallet, a packet of tissues, a small notebook and pen, my phone and my reading glasses in their hard case.

    I'm wondering why carrying anything causes me back pain. There's nothing structurally wrong with my back (e.g. disc issues). I tend to stoop/slouch a lot--can that be causing it? I've been like this for at least the last 6 or 7 years. I admit the only exercise I get is an occasional walk.

    Does anybody else have this problem? Would the Paradigm's design and the FS's organization spread the items out so it's more balanced than the Stowaway, where things just kinda fall to the bottom?

    I'm loathe to spend the money if it's not really going to help.


    Caveat, I am not a doctor-
    I would think that if that small of a weight is causing issues, you'd be better off spending your time and money with a doctor and maybe physical therapist... It may very well be that your back would hurt after walking that distance/duration, whether you carried anything or not, because of posture, gait, overall lack of exercise, etc. It could also be something really weird... It's probably not the backpack at this point
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      Do you experience this pain after doing something comparable (walking around for awhile, outdoor event, whatever) without the light backpack? After carrying nothing at all? If the pain occurs only after carrying something (even something very light), I wonder if you're unconsciously adjusting your posture while wearing the backpack. That can make a difference, if your muscles are already fairly weak and you're not used to the new posture.
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        In response to both posts above, I did take a hike in the woods around Memorial Day, and I didn't have the back pain. It really does seem to be specific to carrying or wearing something. I never thought about the idea that I'm adjusting my posture, as I'm always reminding myself to stand up straight, pull in my stomach, etc.

        I will bring this up at my next medical appointment. Thanks very much!