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525d Ballistic Nylon - UV Fading ?

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    525d Ballistic Nylon - UV Fading ?

    Interested in purchasing a Tom Bihn backpack for outdoor hiking with 525d ballistic nylon as the exterior fabric.

    How does the color black stand up to UV fading?

    The bag will be used outdoors a lot as well as in a vehicle where it is exposed to UV.

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    Hmmm, I don't recall reading anything in particular and a quick perusal of the Material Glossary doesn't help... All materials fade in UV over time, including ballistic nylons, it's just a matter of how much and over what duration
    TB does design for hiking and travel
    To get a relative answer regarding the specific TB fabrics, your best bet is to contact the fine folks in Customer Service

    I like all the blues and greys...and all the happy citrus colours too! My search unicorn is the Sapphire Dyneema original Small Shop Bag...


      I can't speak regarding the color black, but I spend a lot of time outdoors with TB bags exposed to high altitude sunlight (a beast) and I haven't noticed any fading with the 525. My 525 fabric bags easily show surface scuffs and dirt with use, which is a bit irritating but I've never noticed any actual UV or other damage. The scuffs and dirt are all surface-based and do not compromise the fabric or bag. I'd say that you're safe with this fabric unless you want it to appear pristine at all times, which most hikers don't worry about.