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T30 v Synik 30

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  • Salmanila8
    For travel, I much prefer the open space the T30 offers over a bag like the S30 where the capacity is divided over multiple pockets. I like to play travel Tetris with my packing cubes and pouches rather than deciding which items should go in certain pockets.

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  • bchaplin
    I am too short for the Synik 30 but do have a Synik 22 and a Techonaut 30. I think that for most packing styles, the T30 will fit more due to its rectangular shape. So which one to choose might come down appearance and preference. I love my Synik for daily carry but have trouble making use of all of its space due to the egg shape -- although the pockets are genius, and it's great for a commuting bag. Sorry I can't answer the question directly.

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  • moriond
    Welcome to the forums @pexpexpex

    One quick thought, could you carry something like the Shop Bags for souvenirs? That would provide some easily expandable space for souvenirs and extras, but could easily pack down. I was able to pack down a Large Shop Bag into the pocket of my Nau Light Beam rain jacket. The Peak Design Packing Cubes should work well in either format. Hopefully some other forum members will weigh in.


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  • pexpexpex
    started a topic T30 v Synik 30

    T30 v Synik 30

    Hi, everyone!

    New member here and recent TB fan. I got a few bags and accessories already—of course, how could one not?—and I'm now thinking about the next step. I've been trying to find some good comparisons between the Techonaut 30 and the Synik 30 but I haven't seen one yet. Long story short: I would like to ask some advice about which one to get!

    Use: Travel. I'm planning on using it as my carry-on item.

    Contents: Here's the thing. I've been trying the one-bag travel style for a while and have managed to cut most things. That said, this is my packing list:
    1 x Medium Peak Design Packing Cube (I know... I still hang on to them lol)
    1 x Small Peak Design Packing Cube
    1 x 13" laptop
    1 x shoe bag that packs flat (size 11)
    1 x 3DOC for toiletries
    1 x Cubelet for cables
    1 x Smallest Travel Tray for random things
    1 x Daylight Backpack as a daypack at the destination

    Here's the thing: I traveled with all that recently in a T30 I borrowed and it all fit but with souvenirs (two books and two shawls) it was a little too overstuffed. It was also rather hard to pull out the 3DOC from the side pockets because of said overstuffing.

    My question is: Do you think the Synik's organization would be better to keep things from overstuffing? Or is the large pocket of the Techonaut more flexible for those scenarios?

    Thanks in advance!