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Cordura question--is this true?

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    Cordura question--is this true?

    I've been noodling around the Internet for a few days, reading TB reviews. Today, I found someone's blog wherein the blogger stated that Cordura somehow marks or rubs on one's clothing. I am wondering if any of you have found this to be true. I'm concerned because I just bought a gently used Zeitgeist.
    Thank you!

    I haven't heard of Cordura marking one's clothing, but Cordura can abrade clothing, particularly fabrics that are prone to pilling. One of the reasons why TB moved away from Cordura bags was because of this (note: this wasn't something that everyone experienced!), and that Cordura collects lint and pet hair.

    I had a Cordura cafe bag and never noticed pilling/abrasion on the side of either my shirts or pants that I carried the bag. I had this bag for nearly 2 years, it was my only purse, and I don't have a great deal of clothes so I definitely would have noticed if the bag/fabric damaged my clothes. So I'd say YMMV.

    IIRC, the Zeitgeist has a smooth back panel which is not Cordura, so I cannot imagine how your Cordura Zeitgeist would damage or mark your clothes. Definitely send a note to customer service to determine the material on the back panel. I think it's 525/630d ballistic, but I could very well be misremembering.

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      Aeon, thank you very much! I will get in touch with Customer Service.


        They're probably referring to the fact that Cordura has a rougher/more textured surface than ballistic or halcyon.

        You can read about the various materials in the glossary: https://www.tombihn.com/pages/materi...denier-cordura

        A recent blog post about the hand of fabrics https://www.tombihn.com/blogs/main/f...f31a7c7e&_ss=r
        including this about texturized fiber materials: "One trade off is that texturized fabrics can, rarely but occasionally, cause thinner wool clothing to pill and abrade. You might also notice that texturized fabrics can collect pet hair, lint and snow.​"

        An older blog post about fur catching https://www.tombihn.com/blogs/main/f...5a7459e2&_ss=r

        How much it may or may not affect your clothing depends on what bag, how you wear it, and what type of clothing you have...also, I believe that the back of the Zeitgeist that would be in contact with your clothing, is ballistic nylon. You should be able to tell by touch - ballistic is very smooth compared to Cordura.


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          Yes, heavier denier Cordura can rough up specifically the back of shirts. 1000D or higher is extremely durable but can start to loosen the fibers from the friction of the pack to your back over time. My GR2 was notorious for this so I switched to a lighter Cordura when I purchased my GR1.


            Thank you all very much. I did email Customer Service and heard back from them this morning. The back of the Zeitgeist is Black Ballistic Nylon and is smooth. So I'm in luck!