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Macbook Air + iPad Pro 12.9 in Synik 22 laptop compartment?

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    Macbook Air + iPad Pro 12.9 in Synik 22 laptop compartment?

    Hi, everyone!

    As the title suggests, I think I'll have to carry a 13" Macbook air and an iPad Pro 12.9" and I'm not sure how. I have a Cache that I use with my Synapse 19 but I don't want to get another Cache for the iPad as the big pocket might get filled with just that, leaving not much room for the other things I carry. So I thought maybe the Synik 22's laptop pocket would be a good way to carry both at the same time... does anyone have a similar set up? Or another bag recommendation?


    Do you have a case at all for the iPad...?

    I would either use the cache with laptop and a simple case on the iPad in the S19 or put the laptop in the laptop compartment of the SN22 and use the cache for the iPad in the main compartment.

    Putting both into the laptop compartment of the SN22 might be feasible (I don't have an iPad to check) but I think it would be more awkward than putting the iPad in the main pocket.
    Hopefully someone has those items to check for you
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      Thanks for the quick reply G42! I'm not planning on using a case for the iPad (I know... I like to live dangerously) but that's a great suggestion to use with the S19. I'll try it out. Thanks again!