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Cordura Co-Pilot?

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    Cordura Co-Pilot?

    Just curious, has the Co-Pilot ever been offered in Cordura? I'm thinking Olive or Red Blend would look really nice...
    Currently trying out a secondhand Red Blend S19 for EDC!

    No, the Co-Pilot has never been made in Cordura. My Steel 1050d Ballistic Nylon/Solar Halcyon Co-Pilot comes from the first production batch.There was a period when they made a few Co-Pilots in 200d Halcyon (before 400d Halcyon was introduced). Forum members can read some of the wishlist speculations in the old I've officially lost my mind--Tom Bihn Dreams thread from 10-14-2014. I’ll just mention that a lot of the pictures originally in that thread were gutted during one of the host changes. A lot of images of products used to appear in old blog posts, and I would link to these for product illustrations (they kept the blog posts starting in 2011 for quite a while) These were generally some of the best available images.. However, in the few days before one of the server host moves, a lot of the images in the earlier 2011 blog posts started to get explicitly deleted or moved to locations that were never revealed, effectively making them permanently inaccessible, unless they were also on another known location such as TB’s Flickr stream, which most of these were not. So images like the blog picture of the Co-Pilot in Iberian Dyneema are no longer there.I reconstructed versions of some other lost images for the Synapses in 200d Halcyon

    There are small touches that I like from the earliest versions of the Co-Pilot (and Synapse). For example, the front pockets have a pretty ultra suede lining. It’s a kind of burnt sienna color that goes nicely against the Solar Dyneema lining in my Co-Pilot (also true for my Indigo Cordura Synapse with Solar Dyneema lining from the first Synapse Production batch). They briefly used a thinner black ultra suede on the pockets of some 400d Halcyon Co-Pilots (and Cadets)




      Wonderful history as always, thanks moriond

      Here's a post with the Iberian 200d halcyon CoPilot, which looks very cool

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