The Packing Cube Shoulder Bag is on the wish list for my next order. I just called and spoke to Eliam, asked if the shoulder bag has interior O-rings. I thought it might have them and wanted to comfirm just in case.

I think that a few (maybe three at least) interior O-rings, and maybe even one for the exterior zippered pocket for added security, would be a great thing to have. The O-rings wouldn't compete with interior space when the bag is used as an actual packing cube, but would really help when it is used as a shoulder bag.

The Packing Cube BackPack has them, so why not the shoulder bag version?

Note - I'd be willing to pay a little more for the convenience, I know adding O-rings is more work for the crew.

Moderators - if this is not the appropriate place for this comment, please advise. (I'm still learning!)

Thank you Eliam for being such a help over the phone and so organized - he grabbed a bag straight away to make sure for me!