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Field Journal Notebook

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    Field Journal Notebook

    My wife's birthday is next month.

    She is our travel agent and does internet research for all our trips.
    Her written notes are quite extensive.
    She is not ready yet to record her findings in the OneNote Application.
    Nor is she ready yet for the dragon natural speaking application.

    I was thinking of getting her a FJN for recording her notes about our proposed trips.
    She usually uses a notebook about the size of a paperback novel.

    Does the FJN fold back like a notebook?

    She does research on our trips with her laptop on her lap and a small journal to record her notes.

    She wouldn't have enough room to have the FJN open in the full length.

    Upside is she could use it to journal while we on our trips.

    I am not sure if this is something she would easily or want to use.
    Been there. Done that. Can't remember.

    You could ask her.

    Not directly, but little by little.

    First ask if she would like a loose leaf binder the size of her notebook, she could add more pages, use divider for each trip etc...

    If she says yes, observe closely how she uses her journal.
    She might sometimes put the computer on a table or desk instead of her lap

    If her first move is to grab the notebook and fold it over, you might have trouble with the FJN.

    I think it can fold over just like a notebook, I never thought of doing that because it would put pens in contact with a table or other hard surface.


      It does not fold like a notebook.

      As someone who makes heavy use of written notes, I would say ask her...I have a "system" and there are two specific types of notebooks that I like to use...one more like a message pad..one more like a journal. I concluded that the FJN would not replace either one of them. I like my little "processes" as they are. The great thing about a notebook is that one merely sticks the notebook in one's pocket and away we go...self contained, etc....or I have my ID bag...and inside I have clipped an organizer pouch of pens and pencils...so I just throw a couple notebooks in the ID bag and I am set.

      That said, I ended up getting the FJN notebook anyway. It is simple and it is task-oriented. I write a lot of letters by hand. I picked up my FJN...I went to a sunny part of the house where I am staying, I opened it up and I cranked out four letters. I have stamps and envelopes in the zipper pocket. I put the completed letters in the side pocket. I rode my bike to the mailbox with the FJN over my shoulder...I was done. I am sure I will find more uses for it...but uses that fit my quirky style.

      Different people will use it in very different ways...it is I think a matter of style and processes....I think you have to ask her.
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        How others use it


        Thanks for your informative comments.

        I'm thinking that the FJN is something I could use on a daily basis. I do have a smartphone that keeps my appointments and tasks. But sometimes I take a small notepad to Home Depot,etc with notes I have taken. Sometimes I forget my measuring tape. Also, for taking notes on house projects both interior and exterior.

        I'm thinking the FJN would be great on our trips and to record my wife's research. I could purchase Dragon voice recognizer and capture her notes easily. I could then print out on my scrap paper for her editing. Then a final print to the size to fit the FJN. Also other trip documents.

        Am I jonesing for a reason to get a FJN????

        Would love to hear from other users.
        Been there. Done that. Can't remember.


          Any reason is a good reason...

          I just spent a month in Europe with the FJN, and found some surprising uses for it. I loved it!

          it is good for a lot of things, but I found that I also used it as a kind of small carry bag.

          You can put a paperback in it along with the notebook, and the outside zippered picket can hold a PDA (iPod Touch, in my case) or even a small point and shoot camera (not too big, or the fit is tight).

          i also found it made a great "in-plane work kit"--I kept it in one of the end pockets of my Aeronaut, and then took it out in the plane to hold my reading and notes. It can hang from the strap from the seat in front, as well.

          So in brief, this might just be a very good gift for a professional traveler.