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Any 5'2" T30 Owners?

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    Any 5'2" T30 Owners?

    I'm thinking of getting a T30 but of course all reviews and pictures I've seen for the bag are from people who are generally anywhere from 5'6 to 6' (or more) tall. As the subject line suggests, I'm 5'2" and while I'm short, I'm not exactly "petite." I'm wondering how comfortable the T30 is for those of us more height challenged?

    I don't travel much by air but do have one trip on the horizon next year and likely (hopefully) more after that. I also have a fair amount of camera gear and was really sold on the T30 after seeing this post. Though I would likely not take all my camera gear on a plane (those are usually road trips for me), that flexibility is particularly appealing too for me.

    Any shorter users of the T30 out there? What are your thoughts on comfort? I know the dimensions of the bag and how it compares to other backpacks I own (on paper). Just trying to get some real user feedback for those around my height as this would be the most expensive TB bag I've even considered purchasing!

    I'm just shy of 5'4" and love the A30/T30. I pay more attention to torso length than overall height for backpack fit, since not everyone is proportioned the same. REI has a nice overview on how to measure your torso https://www.rei.com/learn/expert-adv...sting-fit.html

    My preference for comfort is 16-18" and the closer a bag gets to 20" the more I'll notice how it hangs down on my back and may hit by backside
    So the S19/SN22 vs the S25/SN30, etc.

    Note that the TB dimensions are for full bags (to meet the ASTM measuring standard) at max dimension... the measurement that most impacts fit to the back for this, is the vertical dimension from the straps to the base of the bag. The T30 is basically 18" from where the strap hits to the end of the padded back section.
    Another thing to consider is that wearing a hip belt would change how things fit, depending on where the hip belt hits your body. Also, most folks seem to like the Edgeless straps but note that there are some who find the thickness and/or the angle of attachment to be uncomfortable. How you pack/distribute the load will also impact comfort, so take this all with a grain of salt!
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      I’m about the same height as G42 (just under 5’4” about 161 cm, probably standard length torso, but petite build), but I haven’t been traveling extensively.

      I did find this review of the T30 up at iMore that has pictures of a 5’2” woman, not petite build, using the T30.

      Tom Bihn Techonaut 30 review: Versatile carry that will last for years to come
      By Christine Chan published September 03, 2021

      This might help your visualization



        G42 and moriond Thank you both so much. Incredibly helpful information - much appreciated. It is sounding more like I will need to at least buy one to see if I like it. While I'm all for that process my Visa is a little scared


          An average build 5'0" member of the unofficial TB Buy/Sell/Trade facebook group posted a photo of themselves carrying a T30 and mentioned that it fits them perfectly, is comfortable and never felt like they were toppling. Based on what I saw in the photo, it doesn't look too big or overwhelming on them; it looks more like an average sized backpack. But as G42 mentioned, I find that torso length is a more important metric than overall height.


            I'm 5'2". For me the T30 is fine for what it is -- certainly not as comfy as a regular commuter backpack, but hey, I'm basically wearing a small suitcase. I think it should be fine for walking through airports and short hikes (disclaimer: I still haven't flown, but did take it on the Amtrak). The arms do not cinch as tightly as I'd like them to, but they are supportive
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              I’m also 5’2” and just used a T30 on a trip. It fits me well, and the straps were very comfortable.