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Accessories for Synapse

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    Accessories for Synapse

    I received a Synapse for Christmas (yeah!) after doing a lot of research on the site. I was really excited about organizing options and after much debate went ahead and also got a snake charmer for the bottom front pocket (I love the idea, design and placement of this pocket).

    I couldn't find a whole lot about the snake charmer except that it is basically only as big as you fill it up. I compared measurements from what I learned would fit in the bottom pocket (3D organizer, side effect) and thought it would probably work. Wrong...it will definitely 'fit' but you really have to squish it in there and takes up most of the pocket (even if it the snake charmer is empty).

    I like the snake charmer but it is just too big for my synapse bottom front pocket and I'm not too keen on how it fits elsewhere in the bag either.

    I'll probably keep the charmer but really want to get some different accesories that I know will work with my bag.

    So...what accessories to you use with your Synapse? What fits well? Specifically, how do you pack and organize that awesome bottom front pocket?!

    *the video on the site was helpful, but would love to hear about more options!

    **I also read another thread about a 'half-size' snake charmer. I think that would be the answer for me, but it doesn't exist. Hopefully one day

    Hi murdock,

    You might want to try the TB Kit- I found out by accident that the Kit fits perfectly in the bottom outside pocket of the Synapse. I keep items in it that I need to have with me but dont use every day-although getting the kit out (& putting it back)is no problem anyway.

    Hope this helps


      For some reason, I don't really use a lot of accessories with my synapse. It's a pretty small bag with a lot of great organization built in, and I haven't found much need for extra compartmentalization.

      The bottom pocket can get pretty tight, so I think you might want to use the bag for a bit and figure out what you want to put in it before buying accessories for it. Do you already know what you want to put in the bottom pocket? That will help guide our recommendations. I use my Synapse mostly as a carry-on, so the bottom pocket tends to get my ziplock bag of liquids, and in general it's my random "I dunno where else to put this" pocket.
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        Hi murdock;

        I've been travelling recently with my synapse and I've found the most useful accessory has been to use two of the medium clear organizer pouches clipped into the main compartment. I use one for my travel documents: maps, boarding passes, etc; and I use the other one for receipts, a thin notebook, and other pieces of literature that I pick up along the way.

        The synapse is an incredibly well thought out piece of kit as it is, and as such just a little organizing with the pouches has been all that I've needed in order to make is perfect for my needs.

        Good luck


          I don't usually use any sort of accessory in the bottom pocket as I tend to fill it with whatever goes in. I use pouches etc for organising multiple things in larger bag sections.

          It works well for me with 2 disposable nappies (diapers), a small plastic bag of baby wipes, and a couple of plastic bags for dirty nappy disposal. This all packs in pretty tight.

          Other times it is full of snacks for the kids.

          When I used the Synapse as my main carry on for my last trip to Canada, I think from memory I used it for a rolled up merino top.

          Melbourne, Aus


            Thanks for the tips so far guys. As for what I will be using the bottom pocket for (or want to, rather) is for laptop/computer accessories and other gadgets. This would be: a power cube/cable, GPS, GPS car adaptor, thumb drive, wireless mouse, SD cards, and a couple of other random cables.

            Basically, I want something that I can put all of this in and take it out (GPS can maybe go by itself or elsewhere) when I'm not using my bag for such technological endeavors so I don't have to pour a jumble of items out on my desk. That is why I thought snake charmer...

            Sylvester mentioned the kit, but I liked the mesh/see through feature of ol' snakey. I also really like the idea of having one side on the snake for cables and the other for my smaller things. I really just want a half-size charmer!!! I may just go 3D organizer for now. It seemed like the video demo was using it for purpose as what I want and I know it will fit.


              The 3D pouch works really well in the bottom pocket. I use this for my carry on toiletries, and put them in there--and it is easy to pull in and out. You can also use the 3D to carry cables, adapters, and such--and Maverick says it can also hold an airport express in addition to a mac powerbrick. I find I can put in a pretty fully stuffed 3d in there. The Eagle Creek quarter pouch also fits in there really well.


                Thanks for the 3D pouch info Shiva! I never got around to ordering another option for my bag and have had stuff floating around in the bottom compartment. It is a little annoying since I like things to be neat and organized but honestly, it is fine. After a month of use my Synapse has been awesome and I have been relying on it every day to carry my gear around.
                I will eventually get my 3D organizer but will probably wait awhile. Currently saving up for the iPad 2


                  Swimming suit and super light towel in a stuff bag in the bottom front pocket.
                  Lunch box in a packing cube in the central pocket. FNJ in the main compartiment.