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"Change of Clothes" bag for Synapse

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    "Change of Clothes" bag for Synapse

    I'm planning to take my new Synapse as a carry-on for an overseas trip this summer, and I'd like a smaller bag to fit inside the Synapse that would fit a change of clothes (light skirt, t-shirt - not bulky clothing). Based on the measurements of the Synapse(see this thread), it seems like the only packing cube that would fit, and not take up practically all available space in the main compartment, is the Packing Cube Shoulder Bag. Has anyone use this packing cube in the Synapse? Or does anyone have a better thought for separating a change of clothes? Thanks!

    I have used the Packing Cube Shoulder Bag inside the Brain Bag, it is great for holding a small change of light clothes.

    The Packing Cube Shoulder Bag is very light, practically weightless, after the clothes are put away can be used as a purse, a lunch carrier, a camera/camcorder/audio/binocular/small e-reader bag (paired with adequate Padded Pouches to protect the electronic equipment), a dog treat/clicker/whistle/packable food and water bowl/extra leash bag, a small watercolor set/pastels/pencils/markers holder or a small souvenir/postcard bag.

    I got mine when it was only available in Steel but now you have the opportunity to get the bright Solar or the fiery Iberian.

    It is such a versatile bag, everybody should have it in all 3 colors to differenciate between change of light clothes, fabric accessories(scarves, pachmina, ties and solid accessories (necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings or cuff links)

    I do not own a Synapse, yet.


      i have used the side packing cube for the aeronaut inside the synapse. no problems there. why not use a rolling vacuum bag? the wrinkling is not that bad if you place the clothes carefully inside the bag.
      aeronaut[black/solar]tristar[black/red iberian]western flyer[black/steel]synapse[black/steel]side effect[black/wasabi]medium cafe bag[black/wasabi]large cafe bag[black/wasabi]shopping bag[steel].


        For a few light items you could also use the tall Stuff Sack for packing clothes, find that very versatile.


          I have used the packing cubes meant for the western flyer inside of the synapse without a problem. If you want an additional bag that you can tote around while there, then the packing cube shoulder bag or a not too full packing cube backpack should fit.


            I would just use the bottom pocket, without any packing cube. Why use a cube when you have a dedicated pocket for the purpose?



              Thanks, everyone, for the feedback! I'm starting to rethink the packing cube shoulder bag - I already have another bag that I'll use as my smaller "purse", so I really don't need the strap on the packing cube. I like the idea of the stuff sack - I think the cylindrical shape will nestle well at the bottom of the bag.

              A couple reasons I don't want to use the bottom pocket for my change of clothes:
              - The primary reason is that I don't need to access my change of clothes in airports/on the plane. I'll have then with me in case my checked luggage takes an unplanned side trip, and I need the clothes the next day. I'll use the bottom pocket for things that I'll need access to in airports - probably 3-1-1 bag. The clothes will inhabit the least accessible space at the bottom of the main pocket.
              - Also, I'd rather have more than a zipper between my "unmentionables" and the world ;-)

              Thanks for helping me brainstorm this!


                I also have used a small Western Flyer cube for packing a change of clothes (for an overnight trip) or workout clothes, and I can say that works out pretty well. I'm always amazed by how much can be fit into the Synapse.

                As far as the bottom pocket, I can fit a lightweight half-zip pullover (Scottevest Q-zip) in that pocket, folded then rolled up, with no problems. During early fall I carried it there daily, and sometimes even forgot it was there. I'm not sure how well a change of clothes would fit, but I'm almost 6' tall so my clothes tend to take up a bit more space. A smaller person might have better luck.


                  Western Flyer or Aeronaut packing cube fit horizontaly at the bottom of the Synapse's main pocket.

                  I sometimes store my swimming suit and a lightweight towel in a yarn stuff bag in the outer bottom pocket