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Questions about the Aeronaut

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    Questions about the Aeronaut

    Hi all,

    I’m new to the forums and discovered Tom Bihn a few months ago when looking for a Christmas gift for my husband. At the time I wanted to get him a 11” Macbook Air case, I was going to buy the cache but shipping a (relatively) small item to Australia really made it a bit cost prohibitive.

    Anyway, fast forward a few months and I’m now looking at buying some luggage. I need a versatile bag that will handle weekend car trips and airline travel. I’ve read as many reviews as I can find and looked at lots of photos to try and decide what I want. The problem is, I like so many of the TB bags! After many late nights pouring over this forum (and others), I think I’m close to purchasing an Aeronaut but just wanted to confirm a few things with you kind people!

    Colour – yes, vain I know!
    - Can anyone share pictures or opinions of the black Aeronaut with Iberian interior? I’ve seen a few black exterior shots but not with the Iberian inside. I was tossing up between the steel/solar and the black/Iberian but I think the black might hold its style over time more (I intend to keep this bad for as long as possible).
    - Likewise I was considering getting the Iberian Packing Cube backpack, is it a really bright/vibrant red? I don’t want anything too bright and would go for the steel if so.

    Shoulder strap – it seems that it does NOT come with a shoulder strap, is this correct?

    Side zipper – there is an external zipped pocket (near the top in backpack style), could you fit a side effect in there?

    Thanks in advance!

    indeed, the shoulder strap has to be bought separately but the 30 usd is so worth it. wait till you have it in your hands.

    yes you can fit a side effect into that external zipper pocket.

    the red iberian is very nice. i may take a picture for you. there is a picture of a co pilot in red iberian here on the forum :

    photo taken from this thread : http://forums.tombihn.com/showthread.php?t=3302

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    aeronaut[black/solar]tristar[black/red iberian]western flyer[black/steel]synapse[black/steel]side effect[black/wasabi]medium cafe bag[black/wasabi]large cafe bag[black/wasabi]shopping bag[steel].


      Hi blackfungi,

      thanks for the reply. That photo is very helpful, I saw the OP's comments about the colour being a deeper red too, if you get a chance to post your own of an aeronaut that would be great too!!

      Good news about the side effect fitting. In relation to the shoulder strap I was thinking about not getting one and perhaps using a strap from another bag (just trying to keep costs under control I guess) but you've got me questioning that too now!

      thanks again,


        Just to confirm what Fungi said, do get the Absolute Shoulder Strap! I am using it for every bag I can now. It is that good.


          I second everybody about getting the Absolute Strap.

          As an Australian resident, you might want to maximize each shipping by getting Pouches or other accessories that strike your fancy.

          Think of Pouches as movable pockets which can be placed anywhere, secured to the O ring of any Tom Bihn bags but also key rings and small C clips.

          It is also a great way to get acquainted with the all the fabrics and colors Tom Bihn has to offer.

          There are many Australian on the forum, who share their Tom Bihn experience.

          This is the link to Tom Bihn flicker group (many customers to be found here)
          http://www.flickr.com/groups/[email protected]/
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            I, also, would highly recommend getting the Absolute Strap if at all possible. I have one with my Aeronaut and when it is not being used with that, I use it with my (sadly, not TB) briefcase. It's a godsend for distributing weight on your shoulder!
            Owner of TriStar (aubergine/steel), Founders Briefcase (navy/steel), Aeronaut (crimson/steel), Absolute Strap, Co-Pilot (steel/solar), Medium Cafe Bag (steel/sapphire), Imago (navy/cork/wasabi),Horizontal Freudian Slip, Snake Charmer (steel), Wallet (olive), Side Effect (olive), asst pouches and cubes.


              blackfungi, khaberz, backpack & Buzzard,

              Thanks for your responses. Sounds like a resounding vote of confidence for the absolute shoulder strap, I'll add it to my list!!

              Out of curiosity, can you attach the absolute shoulder strap to the large cafe bag??

              Also, if anyone does have a picture of a black aeronaut with iberian interior I'd love to see it. I saw the co-pilot and looked through the flickr photos but couldn't see one. I'd don't think it will stop me from ordering, I'd just love to see what I'll be waiting for!



                Hi, mjg. You can't attach another strap to the Large Cafe Bag, but you can order the bag with the Absolute Strap. Well worth it.


                  Hi everyone,

                  I just wanted to say thanks for your thoughts. I placed an order in for the black/iberian aeronaut, a variety of pouches and a side sick! I can't wait for it to arrive now!!

                  Will post some pictures when they arrive!


                    here is the red iberian but the bag is a tri star :

                    aeronaut[black/solar]tristar[black/red iberian]western flyer[black/steel]synapse[black/steel]side effect[black/wasabi]medium cafe bag[black/wasabi]large cafe bag[black/wasabi]shopping bag[steel].


                      Originally posted by mjg View Post
                      blackfungi, khaberz, backpack & Buzzard,

                      Out of curiosity, can you attach the absolute shoulder strap to the large cafe bag??
                      Yes the Absolute Shoulder strap can be used with the Large Cafe bag if you remove the hardware. There are instructions on how to re-assemble the strap with the hardware in the How-To section of the Forum.



                        Absolute Shoulder Strap is very versatile

                        As others have mentioned, the Absolute sholder strap is worth the cost.

                        I use it on my:
                        • CoPilot
                        • Large Cafe Bag (ordered with bag)
                        • EGO Messenger bag (used when I need to transport my wife's laptop and my netbook)

                        I also found the that the strap makes an excellent camera strap for my Canon DSLR. Very easy to remove the strap when mounting on my monopod/tripod/hiking staff.
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