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Is the Buzz the right bag for me?

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    Is the Buzz the right bag for me?

    I have thinking about getting a Buzz for awhile and would like to get comments on whether it will be a good take with me whenever I'm out bag and carrying essentials like
    small notepad,
    water bottle,
    Leatherman combo
    Small Flashlight
    Receipt pouch
    Change pouch

    I don't need it to carry my MacBook Pro - I have an Empire bag and usually would use that. Though I might use it for that if I had the buzz.
    So basically the things I need to carry are like an expanded men's purse. I know there are other shoulder bags that have better organizer features than the buzz and there is also the synapse, but I really like the sling design so the bag is out of the way on my back but I can pull it around if I need to get to anything like my wallet when shopping.

    Thanks for any comments.

    This is your first post on this forum and nobody bothers to respond to your question? Sheesh!

    I too am considering a Buzz as a commuter bag when I just need to pack essentials and not a laptop. From looking at your list of items, I would have to say that the Buzz would work for your needs.

    Some things that are worth mentioning regarding the Buzz that I find appealing is the front cell phone pocket, the ability to quickly access the contents of the bag without removing it, and finally the external water bottle pocket that allows the bottle to sweat if you put ice in your water like I do.

    Good luck with your choice!


      Chiming in to say I love my Buzz bag! Especially the phone pocket, which I actually use to store my camera, and the external water bottle pocket. It does feel a bit wasteful when I use it without carrying my laptop inside, but I still prefer it to other one-shoulder or cross-body options, because it fits snug to the body like a backpack. Sometimes I have trouble with the front pocket - I have to remember not to unzip it fully, or stuff spills out (I guess I should attach everything to a pouch). I'm just not too keen on the olive color I got, so lemme know if you want to trade!


        Thanks for the replies. I'm now thinking I do need a bigger bag than the Buzz to have room for workout clothes and I'm looking at the Synapse. Just wish it was also a Sling, but I'm getting used to the idea because it has so much more organization than the Buzz and is larger capacity.



          The buzz would fit your original list of items. That's basically what I've packed in mine and there's room to spare (you could get a Kindle and a P&S camera also without a problem).

          The only drawback I've run into is when I'm traveling with my TriStar. Because the Buzz is sling style, it is difficult to carry the TriStar and the Buzz simultaneously.

          If you only need to carry one bag, the Buzz is a great size for daily needs.

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