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iPad2... Co-Pilot / Ristretto or other?

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    iPad2... Co-Pilot / Ristretto or other?

    Bought the iPad2 along with the Breve for everyday use. But looking for something bigger for air travel when I would like to take pretty much everything. I was dead set on the Ristretto, but I have been looking at some other post with folks using different bags for the iPad. I would like to know if anyone uses the Breve as a sort of "Brain Cell" with another bag. If so what bag do you use it in. (hint, Darcy)
    Almost forgot, would like it to be able to fit under the seat on a airplane. (id/Zephyr?)

    I don't have a Risretto (yet!), but I did buy a Dyneema Co-Pilot earlier this month, with the intention of using it on my upcoming trip (a flight up to Vancouver, Canada, for a bit of sightseeing, then an Alaskan cruise).

    So... I haven't actually traveled with my Co-Pilot yet, but I have been testing it out by packing stuff in it. The iPad fits like a charm in the main compartment (and if you need someplace to tuck it in for a brief period, there is a non-zippered pocket in the back on the outside). I am also able to fit a water bottle and two 3D clear organizer pouches (one into each front side pocket)... one as my make-up kit, and the second as my 3-1-1 liquid carry-on container. I'm really quite impressed at how compact the Co-Pilot is. I don't know if it's something I would ever use as an everyday bag, but for travel (or long weekend car drives) I think it's perfect.


      Lani, thanks for the info. I am stuck between several travel bags from Tom. Would really like to see if anyone uses the Breve as a Brain cell type thingy with the Co-Pilot. After looking at some more reviews, also looking at the Imago and the Id to carry even more stuff on the air travel trips. Guess its back to the books and study due to the lack of info here. I know Darcy mentioned in a post she uses the Breve in other bags, just wish she would chime in with the bag she uses. (no endorsement implied, lol)


        I tend to use the Imago as my all-purpose 'personal item' on planes--big enough for my 13 inch laptop, my noise cancelling headphones, my Big Skinny wallet, a paperback book, my vapur mini waterbottle, various and sundry items for the flight like wetnaps, lipbalm, pens, mini notebook, etc. Room for snacks, too, when I am flying domestic coach and won't get fed.

        But I just got back from a four day trip where I used the Ristretto as my personal item, and it fit my laptop, noise cancelling headphones, a few baggies of snacks, and my usual sundries. No water bottle this time, though I think it would have fit. The Ristretto is a lot more capacious than you might think. And it's cool as all heck--style counts for something in this world!

        Now, on a longer flight and trip, I'd probably pick the Imago. But it's nice to have the choice.
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          The Breve won't fit in the Co-Pilot because the shoulder strap attachment points make it a little bit too tall for that bag. The Breve does fit nicely in most of our other bags: Ego, Super Ego, ID, Imago, Zephyr, Empire Builder, Western Flyer, Tri-Star, Aeronaut, Swift, Checkpoint Flyer, Smart Alec, Brain Bag, Shop Bag, Synapse, and Large Cafe bag (an especially nice fit.)
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            Thanks all. I ended up going with the Ristretto, I'm sure it will fit all I need to take as a carry-on for my next trip. Will keep ya posted on my travel experience.


              Originally posted by iDorb View Post
              Thanks all. I ended up going with the Ristretto, I'm sure it will fit all I need to take as a carry-on for my next trip. Will keep ya posted on my travel experience.
              Just a quick comment here. Although I have the Ristretto for iPad, and don't have my own 11" MacBook Air, I'd ntoe that iPad owners who might be contemplating getting this might think about getting the Ristretto for 11" MacBook Air instead. This Ristretto is just slightly longer, and is probably a more flexible option for switching between the iPad and 11" MBA, or carrying both. While you can fit an 11" MBA in the Ristretto for iPad, as some of the forum posts have indicated (from folks who already had the Ristretto for iPad, and then bought the Ristretto for 11" MBA when it came out later), it pushes up a bit from the top of the bag.



                I recently did a review of the Large Cafe Bag on OBOW and discussed how to use an ipad sized cache in it. The Breve would work just as well.

                Review: Tom Bihn Large Cafe Bag - OBOW Blog - One-bag, carry-on, light travel tips, techniques, and gear
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