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Field Notebook - pen sizes?

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    Field Notebook - pen sizes?

    Hi everyone,

    Just a quick question about the Field Notebook! I bought a pen case a year or two ago and it didn't actually fit my fountain pens or any rollerballs that had grips. I'm just checking to see if anyone has dimensions for the narrower pen pouches in the Field Notebook. (How do they compare to the ones in the Cafe Bags?) In addition to the Lamy Safari and a Lamy Vista, I frequently carry a Parker 51, Pilot M90, and an Esterbrook Dollar pen... They can't ALL fit into the larger slots at the same time (I think there are three?), so I just wanted to check in and figure it out.

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    Hi Juliana,
    I've measured the pen slots, four of them are 17/16ths of an inch across when holding pens. I can put my Mont Blanc pen and pencil in one of the larger slots. The ruler that comes with the journal is 1 and 3/8ths inches across. One of the larger slots flattened out holds the ruler perfectly. The two smaller pen slots only hold one pen or pencil each. I don't have a Lamy Safair or Vista to test for you. Any of my Mont Blanc or Cross roller balls will fit in either the large or small slots. I have a fat no name pen that is 9/16th of an inch across that fits well in the large slots and snuggly but comfortably in the smaller slots. Hope this information helps.
    Happy travels,
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      The measurements were very helpful -- thanks!


        Pictures J and K in the FJN product page show examples of pens that fit the slots.

        I can recognize a red Lamy Safari with the U shaped clip which means it also fits the Vista line. The pen is either a fountain pen or a rollerball or a fountain pen which are the widest of the Safari/Vista line.

        The pen which is closest to the ruler is a Lamy Studio which has a little more width than the Vista/Safari line.