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Co=Pilot Sizing Question

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    Co=Pilot Sizing Question

    I am thinking of purchasing the Co-Pilot. Will a regular school size 3 ring binder notebook (the kind that uses 8x10 paper) fit in it?

    maverick made this youtube video demonstrating what you can fit inside the co pilot.

    YouTube - Carrying Letter Size Paper in the Tom Bihn Co-Pilot Personal Carry-On Bag
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      I just emptied mine out and put a standard 3-ring binder in there. You can't close it--at least not without really shoving it down. I've seen the video, and it shows that you can fit 8.5 x 11 stuff in there....but in my experience you can't do it easily. And, at least to me, it is so frustrating because you can almost do it easily--just a tiny bit more room and you could get letter size manilla folders in there.

      I like my co-pilot, but I don't think I'll ever love it--and just for this reason. Tom may have had a good reason for making the bag the exact dimensions it is, but adding perhaps a 1/4 inch to the width and 1/4 inch to the height would have allowed for much easier carrying of files--and still been a small, carry-on bag. Yeah, I know, it's not a briefcase--and I own a Zephyr I use for work. That said, a small increase in size would have allowed me a perfect "light day" briefcase and vastly increased the usefulness of the bag for me. It just always leaves me vaguely dissatisfied with the co-pilot. YMMV.
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        A Pilot is in the works (delivery date unknown).