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Imago top handle.... or not

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    Imago top handle.... or not

    Someone in another thread mentioned the top handle on the Ego bag.

    I notice in the description of the Imago it says it has a grab handle .. but none of the images show one ......

    Is there one there somewhere?

    The Imago is an open-top bag that closes with a flap and a 2"/50mm plastic side-release Warrior buckle. Under the flap, on the front of the bag, are two pockets: one curved open-top and one zippered, plus three places to snap your key strap (included) or Organizer Pouch (optional; order here). Inside the main compartment are two deep pouch pockets that work well for organizing power adapters, or storing energy bars. On the back, a flat pocket is perfect for magazines or a newspaper. The top exterior of the bag features a webbing grab/carry handle.
    List under construction ....

    The first generation Imago did not have a grab handle but the current Imago does. You can see it very well in Maverick's YouTube video here:

    YouTube - The Imago Messenger Bag from Tom Bihn


      ahh ok ... I've gone and looked at all the product pictures again and the back picture (e) doesn't show a handle so I imagine it must be an outdated image.

      I have a website with many product images and appreciate how hard it is to keep up to date ... I tend to absorb the pics more than the written description so it's taken ages for me to register the possibility of the handle (not a plus on this bag for me btw)

      I've been oggling an ipad ristretto for absolutely ages and have only just realised it has a handle too (duh).... however I will probably still buy one.

      Does anyone find the position of the webbing handle gets in the way of accessing the open pocket on the rear of the bag?? (imago, cafe bag, ristretto??)
      List under construction ....


        HI daisy,
        I have a medium Cafe Bag. The webbing handle has never been in my way. I can get stuff into and out of the back pocket without issue. I'm not especially fond of the way it looks but it is somewhat useful from time to time. If it were a small poron (did I get the right) handle I think I'd like the look of it more than I do the webbing. I'd prefer the poron on my other TB bags too.
        Happy travels,
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          The webbing handle on the Cafe Bags is great in many situations.

          Picking up a Cafe Bag from the seat or floor of a restaurant, cars/trains/buses/planes/boats and related airports and stations.

          It is also very handy, after putting in the car multiple bags from a shopping trip, coming back from a trip or finally getting to an hotel room (hold Cafe Bag handle, put main strap over the head, plop bag on seat, bench or chair using the handle.

          It is also great for hanging the Cafe Bags on doors, dressing rooms and bathroom hooks, lifting the Cafe Bags onto counters and tables or closer to one's face to give a quick check at the content.
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            I too have a med cafe bag & everything Backpack points out I totally agree. I can not think of any negatives of having the handle.

            I previously had a Timbuk2 messenger bag that didn't have a handle & that's one thing that swayed me to look for another bag.
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              I have an Imago and a Ristretto for iPad and find the handles unobtrusive. They don't get in the way of accessing the back pockets because they're relatively flat and align with the top of the bag. And I agree with everything backpack says; you wouldn't want to carry the bags with the handles, but the handles are very convenient for grabbing the bags.
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