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    Library Bags

    I would like to get library bags for my kiddos to tote their own books and since I LOVE Tom Bihn bags this is my first stop. I would like to get them small Shop Bags with a clear organizer pouch for their library card, or a Swift (Little Swift??) that they can put their card in the pockets that are already available.

    Here are my issues: I would like the option of Solar and/or Iberian in the small Shop Bag. I'm hesitant to pay the amount of money for the Swift given what the planned usage is.

    Anyone have any advice??

    Since at the moment the Small Shop Bag is available only in Steel and Ultraviolet, my advice is: (1) Get Large Shop Bags in Solar or Iberian. (2) Decide that you prefer Steel and Ultraviolet after all. (3) Call to ask if the small bag will be made in Solar and Iberian.


      I have used my Cordura Plum/Steel Swift as a library bag multiple times.

      It holds a ton, is very strong and the workmanship is so good that I wasn't afraid to cram the bag full of books, some of them heavy hardbacks.

      I wouldn't be surprised if your children can use it past college and for their first jobs, it is that sturdy!

      If your children are still in elementary school a Little Swift might be easier to tote around

      As far as the Shop Bag as a book bag is concerned, I don't know what to tell you because I don't have a Shop Bag.
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        backpack - I have to admit that even with the extra cost, the little swift has a lot of features that appeal to me: sturdier structure than the shop bags, color choices I like more, and the already present pocket for the library card. So I guess that's one vote for the swift (or most likely little swift).

        They are only 4 and 6, but it would be an interesting experiment to see how long the bags hold up to their abuse!


          Hmm - as a mother of three and grandmother of five, I have made many trips to the library with kids. I would recommend a packing cube backpack for several reasons. First, if they are wearing the book bag, they are less likely to leave it on a table at the library or set it down to look at something interesting and leave it somewhere. Second, it can serve as an overnight bag for trips to a friend's house, grandma's house etc. They come in more colors. The PC backpacks also close completely so precious possessions don't fall out.


            I am a homeschool mom and owner of 4 Swifts and 1 Little Swift, and I have a few reservations about them as library bags for children. For young children, I think the straps would be too long for them to carry in their hand - it would probably drag the ground. I don't know how easy it would be for them to carry it over their shoulders while full. Also, some children's books are larger and wider than adult books - my son just checked out a very large book on Norse mythology that would be difficult to fit in a Swift sized bag.

            Our best book bag solution so far has been a canvas boat tote from landsend. It stands up on its own, it can hold file folders and notebooks. It is in a color that matches our living room, so it sits there and collects the finished books so that anyone going to the library can just pick it up and go, knowing that all the returns are there. My husband does not mind carrying it - and that has not been true of other bags that we have used. Our son's library card is in a mini clear organizer pouch clipped to the bag's attached key hook. As he is getting older, I feel that he might want to use a backpack, (Synapse?), but for now he is happy with the canvas tote.