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Brain Bag as gym bag?

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    Brain Bag as gym bag?

    Hi everyone--I'm a new convert to Tom Bihn bags, and I love that my new Brain Bag has two big compartments. I'm a student, and the bag's two large compartments mean that I can use a single bag for both school books and gym shoes/clothes. Hurrah for that!

    My question is about the latter sort of gear:

    Does anyone else use the Brain Bag for gym clothes, and if so, do you do anything in particular to make sure that the inside of the bag doesn't pick up too much odor?

    I know that there are inserts and things to manage aroma. But I'm curious about whether just putting everything inside the Brain Bag works alright, or if the bag-within-a-bag option would be better for gym gear.

    Dude... very simple way. It's called a big zip-lock.
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      I regularly take mine to the gym and just stick stuff right in there. However, I don't really sweat much.


        My suggestion would be to get a TOM BIHN Packing Cube Backpack (Tri-Star/Western Flyer) in Steel. (Steel looks like it could be the lining of the bag)

        You can use it in one of the compartments of the Brain Bag to place your clean gym clothes,with your gym shoes at the bottom, in a plastic bag.
        At the end of gym, you can place the soiled shoes and clothes, each in a plastic grocery bag and back into the Packing Cube Backpack.

        Years ago, I used the plastic grocery bag set-up when taking dance classes, unfortunately, at that time, I didn't have a Tom Bihn Bag.

        Now, I use the same set-up in every trip: Brain Bag/Packing Cube Backpack in Steel and plastic grocery bag for laundry.

        One of the many advantages of using a Packing Cube Backpack is that one can use the compartment it is in for something else, for example a folder or a pen case.

        It helps in balancing the load.
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          Thanks for the suggestions, folks. My gym shoes are hee-hoe big, so unless there are comically large zip-locs, that's less than a great option. Perhaps the packing cube + grocery bag idea could be a solution.


            Eagle Creek makes compression bags in various sizes. they are basically big ziploc bags . I am sure there would be a size that would work for your shoes and it would also be useful for travel.


              Hi valpok,

              I think that some people use the Aeronaut as a replacement for duffel style gym bags. In those cases they put their gym shoes in the end pockets, and optionally use the packing cubes for the end pockets of the Aeronaut to house them. Would something like that work for you? Maybe others with the Brain Bag can comment on how well those size packing cubes work.



                I have an Eagle Creek bag called I think the "Mud Box" ?
                It is a packing cube essentially for shoes and it zips shut.
                Seems like it is designed to keep the shoe inside in every way,if you know what I mean?

                I also saw an interesting EC bag the other day I think called the "Locker Room"?

                Grab Your Travel Bag and Hit The Open Road With Eagle Creek! We Have Lightweight Luggage & Travel Accessories For All Types Of Travelers.

                Designed to do EXACTLY what you want.
                Interesting design,of course I NEED one!

                Sorry if linking to another manufacturer is a NoNo in itself,just trying to help?

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