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Synapse Accessories?

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    Synapse Accessories?

    Are there any particular accessories that fit the Synapse very well? Especially interested in pouches for the side, bottom, or main compartment that fit well. I.E. What size pouch fits the sides? I know the Snakecharmer will fit in the bottom compartment, but what else will? Or how much room is left after the Snakecharmer? What pocket(s) does the 3D Clear Organizer fit best in?

    Also interested in pairing the Synapse with a WF or Tri-Start but still researching that one


    Hi 77bagquest,
    I have two small dyneema pouches attached to the inside of my Synapse. They catch extra change, receipts and miscellaneous "stuff" that seems to come my way during the day. I have a kit that fits nicely in large section of the bag along with my Field Journal and Side Effect. The Kit is my mini first aid kit along with, comb, bar of soap, bit of shampoo, pocket knife, wet wipes, you get the idea. I have a shop bag in the bottom front zippered pocket along with my coffee and tea fixins. The Shop Bag is useful for the quick last minute to the grocery store. I keep my digital camera and kleenex along with pens and pencils in one side pocket and my check book and a couple snack bars in the other. The little front pocket catches my keys, always, otherwise they're lost. My water bottle goes in the water bottle pocket. All in all my Syanpse carries one Kit, two small Pouches, one Shop Bag, one Field Journal and one Side Effect. All this and there's still room for my lunch and a book.
    Take it easy,
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      This thread might help you out some. http://forums.tombihn.com/thoughts-t...r-tb-bags.html


        Hi there:
        The 3D clear organizer fits in the bottom pocket perfectly. I also dangle a whole bunch of mini and small pouches in the main compartment. It also holds a Western flyer small packing cube very comfortably with lots of room to spare for other stuff. It fits inside the pocket of the main compartment. I also use mini and small in the side pouches for chargers, medicines, etc.,


          Thanks everyone. That helps a lot!