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Anyone else worried about poking a hole in their Copilot?

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    Anyone else worried about poking a hole in their Copilot?

    Hi all,
    I use my copilot many days to carry my iPad and a small number of files (plus all the usual stuff: wallet, phone, misc EDC). I've noticed that the Manila folders bottom corners really poke out at the bottom sides of the copilot and seem pretty sharp when there are several in a group.

    Has anyone else noticed this? Does it seem like it might wear a hole in the material? Maybe this seems silly, but those file cornes are pretty pointy in there.

    I have a zephyr I use when I've got a lot to carry, but the copilot is so nice for most days when don't have that much.



    Colorado -- You don't mention whether you're using the Ballistic nylon or Dyneema ripstop nylon version but either way, I have a feeling the fabric is more than sturdy enough to handle the corners of manila folders. If, however, you're concerned about the corners of your Co-Pilot feeling pokey, you might consider taking some swatches of masking tape and taping down the corners of the inside of the bag. That might give you enough of a reinforcement that pointy ends won't poke through the fabric. If you're REALLY hardcore, you might try using duct tape instead of masking tape, but I'd make no guarantees about being able to take them off cleanly without leaving sticky residue.


      @Colarado, It sounds to me like maybe the co-pilot is too small for the folders that you are using. If the paper board manilla is strong enough to poke out the corners of the bag to the point that you are concerned that it will make holes that just sounds pretty extreme. I don't own a co-pilot, but I did consider one at the factory. One thing that made me select the Imago over the co-pilot was that it seemed a bit tight to fit magazines and notebooks.
      Would you share with us a picture of what you are concerned about?
      I really, really like TB Bags!