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Is Tom Bihn Ego a good messenger pack for college (thin laptop + maybe 2 textbooks)

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    Is Tom Bihn Ego a good messenger pack for college (thin laptop + maybe 2 textbooks)

    Hi, I'm starting university soon and I am looking for a messenger bag. Is the Ego big enough to fit a laptop + textbooks and other essential gear like calculator and stuff.

    I'm also looking at the Redoxx CPA Briefcase Red Oxx CPA Padded Laptop Briefcase protects your Notebook ... I know I may get one sided answers since this forum belongs to Tom Bihn, but does anyone have experience with both and can compare?


    I own a super ego, and am glad I didn't when I was in college.

    If I had, the opposite sex would not have been able to leave me alone, my homework would have all been completed on time, papers would never have been turned in with coffee rings on them and I would have had to major in awesome.

    Consider yourself warned.


      So are you saying the Ego is not big enough and I have to get the Super Ego? I'm afraid it'll be too bulky.

      Also has anyone heard of Tenba messenger bags?


        The Ego is 1400 cubic inches and that is QUITE capacious. I have a Zephyr which is a bit short of 1100 and it could easily fit all that you listed.

        I think wonko is trying to subliminally influence you to buy a TB bag.

        Wonko is wise and you should listen but i think the Ego would cover you nicely.


          I put some books, a laptop (HP 13.0 x 9.6 x 1.2), & a 2" binder full of papers to give you an idea of how much an Ego can hold in the main compartment.

          The pocket in the front has my big bottle of ibuprofen, medium Iberian pouch with power brick, my gps, 3D organizer pouch, 3 small pouches with phone, ipad cords, adapters, other misc items, pack of batteries, pen/pencil pouch, & mini steel pouch with usb & cleaning cloths.

          Synapse 25 (Steel Dyneema/UV), Organizer Pouches ( Dyneema, Cordura, Cork - various size & colors), FoJ Pouch, FoT Pouch, 2011 TB Mystery gift(Cork pouch), 2012 Mystery Gift (Forest/ Steel) Pocket Pouch, Sm Yarn Stuff Sack (UV), Small Shop Bag (Steel), Large Shop Bag (UV), Various Color Key Straps, Side Effect (Steel Dyneema/Wasabi)


            Txgirl your post is worth 5000 words! Nicely done!


              Thank you so much Txgirl! Your post was so helpful and has convinced me to get an Ego.

              I'm just waiting for the Black/Steel/Wasabi model to be in stock!