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What do you use your Kit for

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    What do you use your Kit for

    I think the Kit looks like a gorgeous piece of, um kit, and would love to add one to my next order. Problem is, I have no idea what I would use it for. I'd love to hear what others are using them for which may give me some ideas for a justifiable use.



    I use one to hold my point-and-shoot camera + accessories (camera, charging cable, USB cable, memory cards) in a neat little package. The other is currently holding a stash of pin buttons from a webcomic I support.


      One of my Kiwi kits is used for our sponge bag when travelling. The size forces me to be disciplined about what I take with me. (Tricky - I have long hair.) It neatly holds a small brush, 2 combs, deodorant, toothpaste, small soap, toothbrushes, 2 Lush shampoo bars sharing one Lush tin, several hairclips, one plastic bun clip and lots of ponytail bands. As I said, it takes discipline and careful packing! (The brush goes on the bottom, bristles up, the deodorant lies along the handle, the roound shampoo vertically next to these, the big bun clip on top of the bristles of the brush, small clips around the brush handle in the bottom, and then the rest is reasonably flat and long and packs nicely on top. It JUST closes!)

      My Indigo kit works hard holding my nalclippers and clips - I use all sizes frequently so it's the perfect solution to holding all clippers and lots of clips.

      My other Indigo Kit is my pencil case. This may seem confusing but they are different shapes due to the different contents.

      My other Kiwi kit is currently not in use - bought it when there was an announcement that there would be no more Kiwi kits and I love the Kiwi because I can see inside it. It's my spare for the day the other Kiwi kit suffers a catastrophic disaster.

      I gave my Crimson one to a dear friend who loves red - she uses it as a sponge bag but I am not sure what she keeps in it.



        The Kit works for many of the same items that you'd use the 3D Clear Organizer for, but it's a bit longer and wider (though scrunchable if needed), so you get extra flexibility. The big advantage to the Kit is the wider base: good for putting in things that won't roll. The Kit was suggested as a possible Camcorder pouch for one forum member. I gave my father a Kiwi Kit for his laptop accessories (mouse and power brick), and also for rolls of film (he still prefers to shoot pictures this way). Anything that would normally roll around stays organized in the Kit.

        I also like to use the Kit as one of the bags in my Synapse when I carry cables and computer paraphenalia, because it's shaped to fit well into the top section (either upright or upside down) -- better than a more rectangular pouch in that location. I can use the 3D Clear Organizer Cubes in the inside pocket or in the bottom zippered pocket.



          A Kit fits several empty Small Pouches, aka stash of discontinued colors.

          It is perfect for girly accessories whose shape could stick out of Dyneema or Clear Urethane, this incudes pins, brooches, barrettes, rings, cuffs and metal belts.

          It is a great marker case, it could also be used for pencils, crayons, pastels, charcoals and sepias but I don't want my Kits to be soiled so I would only do that if the pencils had caps and the crayons shaped art supplies were inside a plastic bag.

          For women, it can double as a dress clutch when used with the Wrist Strap. It is a great makeup and accessory kit.

          It could also fit a simple bike repair kit, I suppose it could also work for boards.

          Men would be happy to know that it fits a manual razor, a tooth brush, a bar of soap, some band aids and a small nose hair trimmer.

          I will check if the liquid 3 1 1 can fit on top of that.

          My 4 Kits are always in use, the 2 Grape stay home but the Black and Steel have been lugged around a lot.


            Thanks for all the feedback. Think I might have to grab one. Or two.


              When you get them, please share pictures or packing lists.


                Originally posted by backpack View Post
                When you get them, please share pictures or packing lists.
                I will. Although I may have to stick to just one. Once I added all the accessories I want I'll spend more on accessories than my Ristretto.


                  I have a steel Kit...or should I say "had". My wife found it to be a perfect travel makeup bag and I am now Kit-less.


                    Originally posted by moriond View Post
                    I gave my father a Kiwi Kit for his laptop accessories (mouse and power brick)
                    I'd forgotten that I also use my Kit for this purpose when traveling. It's very handy.


                      I added a Cardinal Kit to my order. Can't wait to see it!