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UPS crushed boxes

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    UPS crushed boxes

    I ordered in the past 2 weeks, a brain bag, ID, Zephyr, and Synapse. Not all at one time, 3 separate shipments. 2 out of the 3 came in boxes that were crushed and ripped apart. I get shipments from amazon and every other retailer all the time and only my TB boxes come destroyed. Maybe time to find a new box manufacturer. I'm returning the ID, didn't want it but it also had a small chocolate stain on it when I opened the box, can't see it once I brushed it off. Could of been a return, from the factory, or from the UPS eating his candy bar because the rip in the box was big enough for something to get in.

    Most of my TB shipping boxes fare very well, and I usually save them for future use because they seem so sturdy and practical. But the one that just arrived today was crushed on one end and has a softball sized stain on the top (maybe from something greasy). Luckily, my Medium Cafe Bag inside was unharmed, and the dyneema organizer pouches were even perfectly centered under the flap of the MCB when I opened the box. I will, however, need to use a different box to send back the MCB from last week's shipment (I had ordered it in Olive/Wasabi first but decided to switch to Conifer/Steel once I saw the Olive in person and realized it's not for me).


      A friend of mine works for the USPS maintaining the variety of Fragile Package Sorting Systems they employ to help insure there is a consistent level of mishandled and misplaced packages.
      It may seem a simple task but to deliver a steady even stream of damage and misdirection takes years of training and practice.

      I am especially fond of the names for the different machines which as I understand it differ based on the size and weight of the load of each one.

      The Crusher....of course
      The Masher and my favorite for sure,
      The Mangler!

      Each one evidently begins by dropping the package from 20" or so.

      I would imagine UPS offers much the same service,you have to stay competitive after all!



        I also had an issue with one of my TB boxes arriving with an end ripped open and crushed. Fortunately, the items inside were all accounted for and undamaged, but it was a cause for concern.

        I agree about using the boxes for other things when possible. One is sitting on top of my office cabinet now holding all the notes and drafts for a project from last year.


          I'm really surprised to hear that about the boxes. I use mine as cat beds and while they are a bit dented, even after six months of 10 and 14 lb cats jumping, laying and fighting over them, they are still intact.


            Well, I do understand that the boxes are hollow in a sense because they don't want to crush the bag. The side that got crushed both times has been where the hinge of the box is, opposite the side of the tape to seal the box.


              The best course of action, at this point, is to email Tom Bihn customer service with the order number from the boxes that were damaged and, if possible the tracking page for each order and a picture of the boxes.

              Somebody might have sorted the boxes in the wrong container, somewhere.
              I saw a documentary about UPS on National Geographic, I think and they use not only belts but pods to transport boxes.

              Unlike the USPS system, everything is handled electronically.

              It is possible that someone from the hub, town or trucks in your area is brand new and hasn't mastered the art of keeping light boxes on the truck shelves, the light boxes area or the light boxes pod.
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