I'm packing up my Indigo/Plum Imago for a day trip tomorrow. I don't know how I overlooked this before, but there is only one o-ring that I can find inside the main compartment: on the right of the bag, the side which is behind the open slip pocket on the outside of the bag. I feel like there should be an o-ring on the other side as well, especially after using my new Medium Cafe Bag the past month, with its three o-rings inside the main compartment. The lone o-ring inside my Imago feels wrong somehow. Or am I overlooking one somewhere?

I don't think my sewing machine (a 1936 Singer Featherweight) could handle the Cordura fabric; otherwise, I'd be sorely tempted to try and add some kind of o-ring myself. Anyone have an experience trying this, or other suggestions? I could really use a place to attach my organizer pouches on both sides of the Imago's interior.

Katy, Darcy: perhaps I could put in my wish list for future Imagos a plea for more o-rings? I don't think you can ever have enough.