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Super Ego Strap Options?

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    Super Ego Strap Options?

    I looked a little and could not turn up a quick answer?

    Are the Absolute strap available without the metal snap hardware to use with the Super Ego?
    I notice it is offered for the SE as an option but my SE only has a Slider attachment point and not a ring for the Absolute strap I already have?

    Either my SE is just too old or they offer a specific strap?

    I carried it through an airport all day Monday while on a 5 hour delayed flight and the factory strap drove me crazy,granted it is may not be real a long drive but.......

    The pad constantly turned and crunched up and in general was not too comfortable considering the big load onboard.

    Please let me know.

    If the ends of your absolute strap are not sewn, you can remove the hardware to use the absolute strap with your SE. Maverick has a video on youtube on how to do this and how to attach the absolute strap to another bag. I browse the forum on my galaxy tab and thus unable to attach links, but tom bihn-related videos are easy to find on youtube.

    I have a different but somewhat related issue. I bought the imago with the absolute strap. Some days, I carry a light weight in my imago. So I bought the simple shoulder strap, planning to remove the hardware to use with my imago. I was surprised to find out that the ends of the simple shoulder strap are sewn to make a closed loop, so unless I do some cutting, I cannot remove the hardware to use said strap with my imago.

    I have been meaning to ask the tom bihn crew if I can buy one with open loop. I will when I get to speak with one of them. I forgot to ask when I had Brian on the lhone yesterday.


      LiLin is right, you can remove the snap hooks and hardware on your Absolute Strap to use it with your Super Ego. Maverick's video about the Absolute Strap with instructions on how to remove the hardware can be found here.

      As to LiLin's question, our Simple Shoulder Strap is only available with the snap hooks sewn on, but we do offer the Standard Shoulder Strap without snap hooks or associated hardware.
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        Thanks for the reply.
        I don't plan on using the strap I already have I will get one to leave on the SE if it will work.

        I will just call the Mothership Monday and see.