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    Oooooo... All that fibery goodness. I'm a spinner too... Thoughts of envy.... Have fun!


      Originally posted by dorayme View Post
      as a matter of fact I am.
      We have a cabin in the Colorado mountains, and pass a huge llama farm on the way there, called Stagecoach. They sell the wool & yarn from the llamas. I keep thinking "I wish I was a knitter!" (I should add that I think the same thing when I look at the Swift.)


        That is an easy wish to have come true. Almost every yarn store offers knitting lessons and if you have any knitterly friends they would probably be happy to teach you as well. It is a very relaxing and productive pastime.


          Originally posted by jannilee View Post
          That is an easy wish to have come true. Almost every yarn store offers knitting lessons and if you have any knitterly friends they would probably be happy to teach you as well. It is a very relaxing and productive pastime.
          There is a wonderful prayer shawl ministry and "contemplative knitting" group at our church. They yarn-bombed the trees outside the church - it's wonderful! Hmm, I will think carefully about your advice. And maybe then I have an excuse for a Little Swift. ;-)


            Originally posted by jannilee View Post
            Well, San Francisco was fabulous. The weather was warm and sunny the whole time - not the usual for sure! My friend and I rode the cable car, shopped and walked and walked. I could sure see the downturn in the economy everywhere. We made our traditional trip to Ghiardelli's to have a hot fudge sunday for supper ( believe me you couldn't eat anything else before or after that! In the past there was always a huge lineup and a wait for tables. This time it was almost deserted. The same was true for other places we went. Even Sears Famous pancakes that usually had a line down the block had no waiting. The wait for cable cars was much shorter and our hotel gave us free cable car tickets. There were tourist discounts everywhere.

            Packing list for SF trip going ( all in middle section of tristari- I used an Eagle creek double sided half cube and a quarter cube) :
            2 tops
            1 pants
            3 underpants
            2 socks
            1 jacket
            1 pr sandals

            Front pockets:
            Bag with toiletries (very basic)
            Ipad and charger

            Wallet, camera, cell phone, knitting project ( Dahlia cardigan in Madeline Tosh sock for the knitterly out there)


            All of the above plus shirt, pants, leggings, light sweater, heavy sweater jacket.

            The tristar was by no means full, there was nothing in the middle compartment.

            The going list will be enough for my week long trip to Spain coming up, I think, especially if everything is quick dry.

            I think I would actually rather have a western flyer rather than the tristar. The total weight is the issue for me, not space. I have not great feet and hit my load limit long before I hit the space limit. That being said, I used both the backpack straps and the absolute shoulder strap. Both were very comfy. I think the little swift may be my new travel purse as it is so easy to organize. I am still a little worried about purse snatchers in Spain so might take my cross body bag instead.

            The total weight of the tristar returning was 15.6 lb. That would be about my max before I’d go to a rolling bag.

            Dorayme... what is SAFF???? The people in the hotel said there would be thousands there this weekend for an Oracle convention. Glad we went before that!
            Your packing list is really impressive, your Tristar is only 5.6 pounds more than my Large Cafe Bag in its usual travel setup.

            You were so lucky to be right within the couple of weeks between the end of vacationer visits and the beginning of conventions.
            September is one of the loveliest months in the Bay Area.

            I greatly admire you for doing without backup clothes.

            When traveling in Spain, I am certain that you will find plenty of lovely outfits to bring home.

            Being a cute petite person has its advantage.

            Almost forgot, make sure you know the luggage requirement of the airline(s) you will be using in Europe.


              Knowing that iwas going to one of the best shopping cities in north America made it easy to go to SFO without backup clothes. I am really going to try NOT to shop in Spain as I shopped in sf (thus the expanded return list). As a recently retired person I can no longer afford to buy everything I like ( I like far too much!)