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Co-Pilot or LCB? HELP!

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    Co-Pilot or LCB? HELP!

    Hey all,
    I know I've been bustling on the forum lately, but I am about to make some big purchases and living in China makes it a little more difficult for returns. I plan on placing an order in on Friday of a bag for myself and a bag for my wife. We're on the hunt for smaller, more EDC/personal carry-on bags. We're heading out on a few big trips in a few weeks and would love to have the bags here to use them.
    I'm set on an MCB for my wife, what color I'm not too sure yet (it's an early Christmas present). I've had my eye on a Co-Pilot (Navy w/Solar), but I couldn't help to notice the functionality too of the CBs. Now, I'm slightly torn between the Co-pilot and the LCB for myself. I've always been a messenger bag type of guy, and currently use an Imago for my EDC, but I like the uniqueness of the Co-pilot. It's different than what I normally use and that is appealing.
    I would need something for an iPad, a book or two, a journal, a camera, passport and other small travel documents, and an iPod.
    Any suggestions? Pics? Words of wisdom?



    How big are your camera, journal, and books? Those may make the difference for you.
    I really, really like TB Bags!


      I have an Olympus pen ep-l2, which is fairly compact. I write in a medium sized moleskine (the one that comes in the three pack, very thin), and usually carry 1-2 regular sized books.


        Then the co-pilot sould handle that load just fine and I agree, it's a very unusual bag, and appealing. If you like the ability to expand the LCB would give you more flexibility. I don't have either, so I can understand if you want to wait for comments from owners. My comments come from my remembrance of the bags from my factory visit.
        I really, really like TB Bags!


          Depending on the size of the books and journal, it all should fit - may be a bit tight though. The LCB gives more flexibility but I agree the co-pilot's design makes it desirable. I have both and find that I like having the extra capacity of the CB when traveling but I love having the carry handle of the co-pilot so I end up alternating. Drives my wife crazy!


            The LCB is my personal item travel bag. The flexibility cannot be matched by any other bags, except the Imago.

            It not only holds the essentials but is great at the airport when hat, glasses and other small things need to be stowed in hurriedly. I can always find a space, fast, even while in line.

            I played with the Co-Pilot at the factory and the cute factor is indubitable. It is perfect for minimalists and precise packers, it is small enough to slide upright in a corner of the seat, a truly wonderful personal item.
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              I have both the Co-Pilot and the Large Cafe Bag.

              While I think you should be able to carry everything in the Co-Pilot, others have also mentioned--the Co-Pilot works best if you're very organized with your packing and you want to have "a place for everyrthing, and everything in its place."

              The Co-Pilot is not cavernous. The total volume is pretty similar to the Large Cafe Bag (10 liters for the CP, 11 for the LCB), but with the LCB, you get the entire capacity in the main pocket, whereas with the CP you're dividing that into four separated pockets of space.

              My suggestion is that if you HAVE to choose between them, get the LCB first. It's a very simple but excellent carryall, and like @backpack said, you will get a lot more flexibility with the LCB.

              My suggestion is you get the LCB for now. And then put the CP on your Santa list for a future purchase and you'll have something to look forward to.

              Oh and one more thing.

              With your wife carrying a MCB, come on! You really HAVE to carry the LCB, because then you guys will look like a really cute paired couple! lol


                I have a PEN E-PL2, and in the very smallest case I could get for it, it doesn't really fit in the front side pockets of the Co-Pilot. Without the case, it does fit, but with the iPad and my notebook, the bag bulges a little weirdly, and I get paranoid that I'll forget and dump the bag in such a way that the camera breaks.

                I'm with the other pro-LCBers on this one: the bag is less structured, which will make it easier for you to fit in your desired items. Just to compare: I can fit everything on your list in my MCB. I think the large would be great if you wanted to throw in a jacket or something, too.

                That being said, I really like my Co-Pilot. If you had a little point and shoot, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.

                And, not to divert your thread, but what camera case do you use?


                  Wow guys! Thanks for all the responses. I really have to think now and only have one day to do it in...
                  @badger I actually just bought a case here in china. It's similar to a Neoprene sleeve, form fitting with just enough padding to protect from bumps, but no extreme protection.
                  @lani when I first discovered tb, I bought an aeronaut. Then the wife wanted one. Bought an imago, the next week she ordered one, so we're constantly hearing: "I like yalls bags..."
                  Maybe this is a sub-conscious effort to get a unique bag. Haha!
                  Plus, I brought the imago on a few flights back home, and while I love my imago, it's capacity is an open invitation to fill up the bag.
                  So I think the co-pilot would kind of force me to pare down when traveling.
                  Thanks for the advice again, everyone. Anyone have a pic comparing the two?


                    I don't have a LCB, so I am completely biased in favor of the Co-Pilot, which I do have. What attracted me to the co-pilot is that it's not just a big empty space (that I would undoubtedly fill and then have to dig around to find things) but a very organized space where everything has a place. Being a bit OCD, this works for me. With an absolute strap it is absolutely comfortable. My ECD stuff includes: Witz sunglass case (the Wrapper), wallet, change purse, small TB pouch with foldable Sennheisers, small TB pouch with advil, lip balm and other bits and bobs, my Kobo, iPhone in it's Pad & Quill case, small TB shop bag, and keys. There is loads of room leftover (plenty enough for my small camera in its Waterfield case, a windbreaker, and a sandwich). Good luck, and let us know what you chose!!!


                      I wholeheartedly recommend a padded pouch to house small photographic and video equipment.

                      I have a Medium pouch for that purpose and it had served me well since I got it, in 09. I take it on all my travels.

                      Medium measures: 10.3" x 7" (260 x 180 mm)
                      SuperDrive measures: 7.8" x 8.3" (198mm x 212mm)


                        So I took the plunge and bought a navy/solar co pilot for myself and an azalea mcb for the wife. Everyone's tips and words of advice are greatly appreciated. Decided I need the organization to force me to be a smarter packer. My inlaws are coming to china in December, and they might be bringing a large cafe bag with them,but we'll see.
                        I'll post pics when it arrives, and about town here in Shenzhen.

                        Thanks again!


                          Good luck on the co-pilot. One nice feature is that it can "stand" on it's own. I like that in a bag that holds electronics because it feels safer or more secure to me.
                          Owner of : Imago, Aeronaut, Brain Bag, Smart Alec, Synapse, Co-Pilot


                            Ah, you will be happy with the co-pilot. The navy/solar looks like a beautiful combination (mine is steel/UV). Looking forward to your pics!


                              The Co-Pilot is definitely a great organizer. Enjoy your new bag puchases!!