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Stuff Sack - Trouble Closing

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    Originally posted by brian View Post
    Have you tried threading the cord through in the other direction? You may find it a bit easier to start at the other eyelet, and pass by that seam in the opposite direction.
    Let us know how it works!
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      An oi ther way: thread the string through a safety pin, paper clip or hair pin big enough to acommodate the string. Thread through the sack using the safety oin, paper clip or hair pin as your "lead". It is a good idea to start from the side that allows you to avoid going against the folded seam. Hope that makes sense.

      Note to self: remember to ask for replacement strings on next order.


        Success!! I threaded the drawcord through from the opposite direction. It was also the "path of least resistance" relative to the seam. LiLin's point to check the seam first was a good one. The grommets aren't much bigger than the drawcord, so attaching something to help feed it through isn't likely to work. It's necessary to rely on the stiffness of the end of the cord.

        Thanks to all for the help.


          I have a stuff sack with a frayed cord - thought it was just me! LOL! It feels like there is something in the closure thingy that is rough and catches the cord.
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            Heidi Jill, that is how mine is, I haven't tried to take it apart or anything, but that is what it feels like.
            I really, really like TB Bags!


              I've noticed the same issue too -- the closure on some of my stuff sacks catches the cord pretty consistently, especially if I don't use the "cinch first, fasten second" technique that LiLin described. My first Stuff Sack (2007?) is quite "furry" looking now! I didn't realize that replacement cord was available! In my experience, one thing that might help if you haven't committed to getting replacement cord is rubbing some candle wax over the part of the cord where the closure is sliding. It's a temporary fix, as the wax will wear off over time, but I have just reapplied periodically. It seems to help things slip smoothly along. Perhaps the waxing would also work as a preventative measure; I'm not sure, as I never bothered to apply until I got a snag. Well, I'll be sure to try it with the next Stuff Sack (and there will be more...).


                I seem to have a bit more of the wear (for lack of a better word) on my older stuff sacks. it seems as if the cord on my newer ones is just a bit thinner.
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                  Maybe that's what it is...I'll have to take a look when I get home tonight. I suppose that's biased both ways in the direction of more wear on older bags -- older and more snag-gable cord.