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    Originally posted by Janine View Post
    If you knit (and of course you should), the PCSB can hold your project.
    Why didn't I know this? I don't remember seeing it mentioned before either here or on Ravelry.
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      Snicker! Aren't ALL bags project bags?? They sure are at my house! At the moment...small and large ziplocs,Tom bihn stuff sacs, nylon shopping bag, know knits bag, small swift and large swift. my copilot is not in use at the moment but it is a great knitting bag,as I posted a while ago.

      Oh, and most importantly the wf has left Minneapolis. Tomorrow is looking very likely. Better start packing so I can do a trial pack as soon as it is in the door.
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        So, what's the verdict on the knitting/ham/traveling to Spain bag?

        (I also just realized I misspelled prosciutto a few posts back when I was trying to be all stealthy at work. Hangs head in shame.)


          It arrived only 10 minutes ago. I am going out to a play so won't have time to pack and drool over it tonight. So far looks good. I foolishly didn't order a simple strap for the packing cube shoulder bag so will have to figure out something for that. Your academician tendencies are showing if you worry about misspelling prosciutto - now ham or jamon - that WOULD be beyond the pale!


            Okay, I LOVE this bag. In fact my tristar may be looking for a new home very soon! While the packing cube shoulder bag may be useful, I prefer the smaller eagle creek packing cubes so may return this.

            I did a test packing this morning:
            in the divided compartment...
            double sided half cube(EC)
            1short sleeve shirt
            1 long sleeve shirt
            1 pullover

            EC 1/4 cube
            2 ex officio briefs
            3pr socks

            ec 1/4 cube
            ipad charger
            camera, charger, extra battery, iPad camera adapter,

            spare shoes
            soap, deodorant

            In the undivided compartment...
            2 pants (one dress, one travel pants)

            Water bottle pocket
            3-1-1 bag
            big pocket - iPad

            small pocket - nothing yet but probably travel docs

            Total weight??
            TADA!!!!!!! 11lb flat and lots of room for more stuff

            Have I said I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this bag???


              That's an impressive quantity of stuff (all well-chosen and curated, though). One question: are the shoes in your 1/4 packing cube? Or are they just floating in the compartmentalized section?

              Whew, I'm glad you like the bag; I was worried that if you didn't you'd club me to death--with a canned ham.

              Congratulations on what seems like a very gratifying purchase! When do you leave for Spain?


                On the backpack WF there is a zippered divider like in the tristar. The shoes are in one side of that with the soap and tech stuff. What amazes me is how much more i could fit in if i wanted to. I leave in a week and a half so I have lots of time to play around with packing ( hums happily). Club you to death? Badger you are such a ham! Teehee. I would just sic my badger dog on you.


                  Any news on the new colors happening with the Western Flyer?