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Checkpoint Flyer with MacBook Air 11-inch

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    Checkpoint Flyer with MacBook Air 11-inch

    I've been using a Checkpoint Flyer for a while now with a 13-inch MacBook Air. However, I finally decided to bite the bullet and upgrade to a new 11-inch MacBook Air for greater portability during travel, etc.

    When traveling, the 11-inch MacBook Air will be the only computer I take with me. So I'm wondering how others have done this. I believe the 11-inch is not required to come out of your bag at TSA checkpoints. So perhaps the Checkpoint Flyer is no longer the best bag for this setup? Or, would it make sense to just put the laptop in the laptop compartment, even though it will slide around a bit? Or, would it make sense to put the laptop in a Cache, and then put the Cache in either the laptop compartment or one of the interior pockets (would the Cache Air11 fit in either of these places?)?

    I frequently go on 2-3 day trips and use the Checkpoint Flyer as my only bag for the trip. If this is no longer the best option with the 11-inch Air, what other options would you guys suggest? Perhaps the Zephyr + Cache Air11 or ???

    hi bdpayne!

    i used the first 11" macbook air, and it's awesome!!

    don't be in a hurry to set aside your checkpoint flyer, though. my experience with the 11" macbook air and tsa has been hit and miss - sometimes, they let you leave it in your bag, and at other times, they make you take it out. i've left the macbook air inside the cache, which was inside the imago, which was inside the aeronaut, and have gone through security just fine. and i've had it inside the cache, which was inside the imago, and been told that it needs to come out of the imago.

    so a checkpoint friendly bag, whether it's the checkpoint flyer or the cadet, will save you time at the airport. if you go with another solution, i think you'll still save yourself time overall by taking the cache or brain cell containing your macbook air out of whatever bag you decide to carry it in when you go through airport security.


      Good points. Thanks! So any thoughts on the best packing configuration for the 11-inch Air with the Checkpoint Flyer? I suppose to get the checkpoint benefit, the laptop should go in the laptop section of the bag. But this section is too big for the 11-inch Air, right? Would using the Cache or some other padding here eliminate the checkpoint friendly nature of the bag?


        i'm not sure, but i don't think that placing the 11" macbook air in a cache inside the 13" checkpoint laptop case (provided it will fit) will be a problem as far as the overall solution being checkpoint friendly, since you're just adding padding inside - there is nothing metallic in the solution other than the laptop itself.

        but, you'll have to open the checkpoint laptop case and then the cache to get at your macbook air. i know that isn't ideal.

        darcy, any plans for an 11" macbook air checkpoint laptop case for the checkpoint flyer?



          I have always had to show my 11" Air when flying.

          I carry mine in a Synapse in a Waterfield Sleeve because I already had one. The Sleeve and Air slide right into the divider pocket in the Synapse and take very little space in there.
          I have been constantly amazed at how much the Synapse will hold and how nice it is to carry. My favorite part is that it doesn't look too obvious that I have it crammed with Tech. Gear.

          Here is mine to give you a idea.



            I really like the Synapse.. that's certainly an option worth considering.

            I'm also curious if there are plans for a 11-inch laptop case for the Checkpoint Flyer.


              Originally posted by bdpayne View Post
              I'm also curious if there are plans for a 11-inch laptop case for the Checkpoint Flyer.
              We don't have any plans to make new sizes of laptop case for the Checkpoint Flyer.
              Have a question? @Darcy (to make sure I see it)

              Current carry: testing new potential materials in the form of Original Large Shop Bags.


                I do not have a checkpont flyer but do have an 11 inch Macbook Air. I have never had to take the Air out of the bag it was in (varied from Ristretto to Co-Pilot to Synapse - in bags other than the Ristretto, the Air was in a cache or Waterfield Designs sleevecase. I admit I have an addiction to bags and cases...).