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Organizer Wallet as a First Aid Kit???

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  • Katy
    This is so cool! I love to see all of the awesome things you all do with your Pouches!!

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  • MsMoon
    I use a mini clear/Dyneema OP for my first aid kit. I have a mini Altoid tin held closed by a hair tie full of various pills, a mini sewing kit picked up from a hotel room, a small container of Dramamine, fingernail clippers, and earplugs. This is clipped into my purse with a 16" keystrap. I recently traveled and had to bring along some vitamins that were too large for my Altoid tin, so they went into my organizer wallet (they were loose in there). This didn't work so well, as they started in the back "pocket", but are currently hanging out by the zipper. It might work if you had them in a smaller container.

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  • Carolina
    Personally, I use a Red 3-D Clear Organizer Cube as my First Aid Kit. It holds plenty of items yet is small enough to fit easily into my Brain Bag.

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  • Just
    I also use my FOT pouch as a first-aid kit... Fits a couple of bandages, nail clippers/nail file, and several doses of allergy meds and cold medicine in blister packaging just fine.

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  • TXGirl
    Occasionally I'll use a small organizer pouch but most of the time I use my Indigo 3d organizer cube

    Hair scrunchies
    Assorted size band-aids
    Anti-bacterial gel
    Eyeglass repair kit
    Allergy meds
    Dental floss

    Last edited by TXGirl; 11-22-2011, 01:50 PM.

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  • RedBeard
    I use my FOT pouch as a traveling aid kit:

    Included are (left to right):
    • Asthma inhaler
    • Dental Floss
    • Tooth picks
    • Chewable antacid
    • Sinus Decongestant
    • Pain killers
    • Eyeglass repair kit
    • Eye drops
    • Sewing kit
    • Alcohol wipes
    • Anti-bacterial gel
    • Toothbrush
    • "lucky" duct tape
    • assorted band-aids

    When it's all packed up, it bulges slightly but fits in the front of my Super Ego just fine.

    I used a medium Dyneema organizer pouch for an aid kit, but I found that the FOT pouch was slightly bigger, so I was able to include the inhaler. As always, your mileage may vary

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  • Walker
    I get seasonal allergies so I usually keep a bister pack of allergy meds in the front section of my organizer wallet. Also 2 or 3 large band aids among my IDs and cards.

    But for trips, my emergency kit is a repurposed strap pouch. Shorter and narrower than the organizer wallet but a tad over an inch thick - lined in soft material.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	OP Wallet.JPG
Views:	1
Size:	136.5 KB
ID:	288066

    In the organizer wallet are:
    6 large blister band aids
    1 blister pack of claritin
    1 blister pack of alavert

    In the repurposed pouch:
    all of the above plus
    travel size bottle of advil
    travel size bottle of pain cramp reliever
    lip balm - this is in honor of maverick
    nail clipper (I get hang nail a lot)
    pair of small scissors

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  • daisy
    works for me

    I use one for just this purpose. Mine is normally in the front off my ristretto, clipped on a strap with a mini padded pouch containing my iphone earbuds and charging cable. I've just returned from 6wks in europe and it was great to be able to just feel around in the dark to find a headache pill rather than get up, turn lights on and rat around in luggage. The dividers are great for keeping the more personal items from public view, while still being able to access the front part if your travelling companion has a hangover..er... headache.

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  • kjm3579
    started a topic Organizer Wallet as a First Aid Kit???

    Organizer Wallet as a First Aid Kit???

    I like to keep a few bandaids, pain & allergy medicines, and etc. in my backpack for everyday and travel use. I currently have them in a ziplock bag in the bottom pocket of my Synapse. I am considering using the Organizer Wallet to hold these items since it has the effect of a storage pouch as well as organizational dividers. Have any of you tried this. Does it sound like it will work?