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Small Cadet vs Co-Pilot?

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    Small Cadet vs Co-Pilot?

    Since they are about the same size, I was wondering if anyone had both and could compare them...

    Which would be best as an every-day bag? What are the pros and cons of each?


    It might be a little tedious to go through all 19 pages, but there was a lot of discussion about that very question on this thread: http://forums.tombihn.com/tom-bihn-n...briefcase.html

    What are you using the bag for? What do you tend to carry? More details would be helpful.


      I have them both and can probably give you some perspective. I use them both as EDC (Every Day Carry) bags. I've used the Co-Pilot for about a year and I'm surprised at how much stuff you can carry in the thing. I carry an iPad in a sleeve, an Apple keyboard in sleeve, a one inch thick Bible in the main compartment. It is definitely wider than the Cadet main compartment, which is such a plus! Personally I prefer the three pocket configuration of the Co-Pilot which seems to hold more for me than the single pocket in the Cadet. The Co-Pilot is less rigid and a little bit more forgiving when stuffing things into it. I have two complaints about the Co-Pilot: 1) the back side is loose and floppy and bends open in a sloppy/unprofessional way. I wish it were solid and reinforced like the backside of the Cadet...firm and more professional looking. 2) My second complaint about the Co-Pilot is that it needs to be a bit longer and higher so that it could be used to carry a MacBook Pro 13". It's really impossible to carry a laptop in it. Contrary to popular thinking, I am actually able to squeeze my MBP 13" into a Tom Bihn sleeve and stick it into the small Cadet. Granted I have to manipulate the sleeve corners to get it to pop into the bag, but it DOES work. I often take both the MBP and iPad in sleeves to work with me in the small Cadet.
      In short, there's a bit more length in the Cadet as well as foam support that makes the bag hold its shape better, but it is not as wide as the Co-Pilot...I NEED that width!
      With all of that said, I would love to see both bags blended together to form my perfect bag. It would be more of a "Pilot" or "Mid-Cadet" and the features would include: 1) the same pocket configuration as the Co-Pilot--you can actually carry a bottle in it without worrying about it; 2) the foam reinforcement of the Cadet--it maintains a less sloppy/more professional look and protection; and, 3) another half-inch in length, width, and to the dimensions of the current small Cadet. That way you could EASILY carry a 13" MBP and the extra half inch of width (making it like the Co-Pilot) would give you that extra bit of space I need. The bag would be incredibly practical, professional in look/structure, and just enough room for iPad/laptop carry.
      I have an Aeronaut (Black/Iberian), Brain Bag (Black/Steel) Smart Alec (Black/Black/Steel), 2 Cadets for iPad (Black/Steel) and (Steel/Solar), 2 Co-Pilots (Steel/Solar) and (Black/Steel), Imago (Black/Black/Steel), plus a Vertical Brain Cell, Vertical Freudian Slip, Packing Cubes, Organizer Pouches, 2 RFID Blocking Passport Pouches, iPad Cache, Snake Charmer, Organizer Wallet, and plethora of other accessories! Man,what does it take to get on the FOT list?


        Thanks! I was looking for a comparison from an EDC perspective so that is perfect. Co-Pilot makes more sense the way the pockets are laid out. I won't be carrying a laptop, so the size doesn't matter as much for me. Thanks again - Excellent comparison.