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    Originally posted by WhiteStar View Post
    Another Synapse question: will a clear quarter packing cube, packed reasonably full, fit in the bottom pocket? (I'm thinking it's a little too big/wrong shape)
    Originally posted by Badger View Post
    I believe that the Kit and the Snake Charmer fit best into the bottom pocket. There's a post or video about it somewhere here, but I need to be in office stealth mode right now so I can't find it ATM.
    I use the 3D Clear Organizer Cube in the bottom pocket of the Synapse. I might have one or two of the 3D Clear Organizer Cubes plus a laptop power brick and extension cord in the pocket. The Side Effect is another good match to the front pocket.

    As WhiteStar guessed, a Clear Quarter Packing Cube packed full is both too big (in one direction) and shaped wrong to fit into this pocket. That accessory works well where there is more space -- for example, in the middle section of the Tri-Star, where you can conveniently pull this out by the top loop.

    You can use a Kit in this pocket, as well, although I usually carry the Kit inside the main Synapse pocket, for the reason that the Kit works well for holding items that use the wider base. This can be used to hold items that would otherwise roll when set down, but can also be for items that are oddly shaped. In the latter case, they wouldn't fit as neatly into the Synapse front pocket, since the base of the Kit is wider than the depth of the front pocket if you don't "scrunch" the Kit slightly when putting it in.

    I don't use the Snake Charmer in the front pocket, again, because for most items I would carry in it I'd have to scrunch it a bit to fit it into the front pocket. I know that some people carry a Shop Bag in the bottom pocket, but I carry a Small Shop Bag in one of the front side pockets.