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What is needed to be able to switch absolute strap between Super Ego and Aeronaut?

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    What is needed to be able to switch absolute strap between Super Ego and Aeronaut?

    Hi all,

    I have an absolute strap that came with an Aeronaut. I don't have to tell you all that the strap is so terrific, I want to use it with all my bags.

    It already works just fine with the Brain Cell and the Ristretto, because these have little circles the clips can attach to.But the Super Ego doesn't have a hole for the clips, instead it has buckles which the straps feed directly into.

    I can use the Absolute Strap by removing the clips and feeding the strap directly into the buckles on the Super Ego, but 1) then I can't easily switch it to another bag, and 2) it doesn't automatically straighten itself out if the straps get twisted around, like it does on the other bags when using the clips.

    So, what hardware would I need to be able to add the piece with the holes for the clips of the Absolute Strap to the Super Ego? Also, what would I need to order to add the clips of the Absolute Strap to the normal strap that came with the Super Ego?


    I'm new here, and don't actually have any TB bags yet ( first ones arrive Weds) but I think I can help.

    I have a much loved bag about the same size as an Ego that I'd like to add an Absolute Strap to. I do not believe TB sells any hardware to convert the Ego / Super Ego strap system to accept a snap on strap. Your only options are:

    Purchase a second strap so you can remove the snaps and leave it permanently on your Ego.

    Deal with putting the snaps on and taking them off the strap each time you want to switch the strap.

    Do a little self modification. This is my plan as my bag has the strap sewn onto the bag on one side. I plan to remove the stitching, buy a couple d rings or other appropriate hardware from the local sewing store and re-sew the strap ends down. Then I can put on any strap I want. Of, course if you do this you will most definitely void your TB lifetime guarantee, although it might be worth asking if any problems with the bag that are obviously not related to the strap modification would still be covered.
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      Thanks for the fast and detailed reply, WhiteStar. I'd rather not do any irreversible modifications, so I think what I'll try to do is find a couple short pieces of 1.5 inch strap, and a couple d-rings, sew the d-rings onto the end of the strap, and then thread the strap into the ladderlock buckles already attached to the bag. Maybe a bit inelegant but I think that would work.

      Anyone know a good source for ordering such items if it's not possible from TB directly?



        Found a solution I like. I just clipped a couple Nite Ize S-biners to the loops on either end of the bag. Now I can clip the Absolute Strap with the swivel hooks in and out very easily. I think I'll get the plastic Nite Ize to reduce noise, in a size #6: S-Biner - Plastic - Size # 0, 2, 4, 6 | Nite Ize


          If you contact TB, they probably have a hardware kit that attaches to your SE and has attachment points for the AS. This is what came with the AS I purchased with my Imago. It comes standard with the attached straps that are threaded on. The attachment hardware is sturdy like the other TB products and able to hold up to use/abuse, whereas IDK if the S-biners can handle being used to repeatedly bear weight and the torque of the bag moving around.
          I really, really like TB Bags!


            Dorayme, thanks for the suggestion to ask TB directly. I should have guessed they'd be able to help me out. Thanks TB!