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Large Cafe Bag or Swift?

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    Large Cafe Bag or Swift?

    Hello, new to the forum here. I need help deciding on a bag. I am a Med Cafe bag user, I have 3, but it is not big enough to carry my regular purse items, my kindle and a knit project so I am looking for something bigger. I am trying to decide between the large Cafe Bag or a Swift. I love the cafe bags because they are hands free crossbody bags. Regular bags just don't seem to stay on my shoulder, maybe the Swift is different. Does anyone have any problems with it staying on their shoulder? Are there any knitters out there that like to carry one bag that can hold it all? Which one do you use?

    I am a knitter and I own a MCB, LCB, Swift, Little Swift and Imago. I can understand your finding the MCB too small. When I need one bag that can hold it all, I use my LCB. That's due, in part, to the fact that it's Azalea and brightly colored. I use it when I go to class and need to take book, notebook, purse stuff, and knitting. If I had an Azalea Imago, I would use that instead because I think it's a better choice for that purpose. In terms of volume, at 825 cu. in. and 13.3 L., it's mid-way between the LCB (675 cu. in., 11 L) and the Swift (950 cu. in., 15.5 L).

    In answer to your question, yes, I do have problems with the Swift sliding off my shoulder. Sometimes it works to tuck the outside handle inside the inside handle.

    Good luck! Let us know what you choose.


      When I really need to carry it all (computer, textbook, knitting project and everyday stuff) I use the Swift; I'm always amazed at how much fits in it. I particularly like the greater width; the cafe bags aren't wide enough for me to carry a knitting project much bigger than a sock. The imago works well when I'm carrying the computer and knitting project without the textbook. I think the Swift shoulder straps stay on well enough, although I frequently just carry it by the handles.


        Welcome Sara R. I do not have a LCB. My go to carryall bag is the Swift! Laptop, purse things, knitting, reading materials, my Swift can handle it. I don't have issues with shoulder slippage. Sometimes I tuck the strap, sometimes not.
        I prefer totes and backpacks to messenger bags though.
        I really, really like TB Bags!


          Welcome to the forum, jamsarar.

          I don't knit.

          I have a Swift Cork. I use it as my workbag when I need to carry bulky items. It slips off my shoulders, but so do all other bags I carry on my shoulders. The slippage is less when the load reaches a certain weight. I have not weighed my bag to confirm what weight that is. However, when my bag load reaches a certain weight, I prefer to carry it in my Synapse. Or in my Co-Pilot.

          The Swift carries an amazing amount of stuff. I like it that it stands up on its own.


            Originally posted by Walker View Post
            . . .I have a Swift Cork. . . .The Swift carries an amazing amount of stuff. I like it that it stands up on its own.
            Not only does it stand up on it's own and hold a nice amount of stuff, it looks amazing! I always get complements and inquiries when I'm carrying my Cork Swifts.
            I really, really like TB Bags!


              Hmmmm.... maybe the Swift is actually The Pefect Dog Show Bag and I didn't even realize it. I just need a way to carry it more securely (i.e. secure as in not falling off my shoulder while carrying ten other items as well.)
              WhiteStar in Colorado
              LCB (Azalea/Sapphire, Turq/Wasabi), MCB (Plum/Cayenne), Swift (Cork), Co-Pilot (Iberian), Synapse (UV), Citizen Canine (Kiwi/UV), Shop Bag (UV), key straps and pouches galore!


                Hi iamsarar,

                Welcome to the forums. I'd go with the Swift, especially if you're a knitter. You might want to take a look at peregrina's post with links to pictures of her new Swift in her blog. The bottom of the handles (where the forest green ballistic nylon shows up below the black cordura) are padded poron, which makes for very comfortable carrying, and also helps resist slipping when carried on your shoulder. I don't find that the Swift slips from my shoulders, but you can also tuck one handle under the other. I really like the fact that the Swift stands up on its own, even when empty. (For bunchgrass, I agree that the Imago works well for going to class, but I think the Swift is better for knitting. Besides, you can get the Swift in Azalea.)

                The cork and hemp fabric options are great, and these fabric options are not available with the cafe bags, so this may be another attraction for trying the Swift.



                  Plus there is NO way pet hair could stick to the cork material!


                    If I were you, I'll get both.

                    I own Large Cafe Bags and Swifts and either are very versatile.

                    The Large Cafe Bags are the perfect "on the move" bags when worn cross body (Parkour and Freerunning enthusiasts probably could use it with the waist strap and it will stay on) which means it is perfect at conferences/shows/fairs... at places where you need to see your stuff because you are in the middle of crowds and need to get to things out of the bag quickly (money to buy a one of a kind item, registration, id, pass...)

                    It also makes them perfect for commuting.

                    The Swifts are extremely roomy, come with plenty of organizational items (clear pockets, O rings, a Key Strap and a Stuff Sack)

                    They are the perfect yarn based project holders, travel with a bunch of stuff and children or fur kids so I need a free hand at all time or 2 or 4 and a bag that stand up on his own to grab something to wipe faces/hands/paws fast, hand out treats/toys to get some peace, grab book and/or knitting project when everybody is napping...

                    I have very small shoulders which are also very held downward due to ballet training.
                    The Swift handles placed on top of each other right in the curved down area before the shoulder socket does not move.

                    If you need to walk briskly, move the Swift behind your arm, keep your arm close to your side in an L position, if the bag is not too heavy, you can even trot.

                    I have used the Large Cafe Bag and the Swift simultaneously for library/bookstore runs, docs visits, yarn stashing expeditions and walks in parks/malls with the Swift holding lunch, two reusable bottles, sweater, wind breaker, small needlework project and it had room for small purchases at the mall. such as socks or an extra reusable bottle at the park.


                      Thank you all for your help! Gives me a lot to think about. I am leaning towards the swift!


                        Bought the Swift and I LOVE it. I should have never hesitated. It meets my needs completely and it does not fall off my shoulders. Love IT. I got Azalea and it is beautiful. very happy girl.


                          Originally posted by iamsarar View Post
                          Bought the Swift and I LOVE it. I should have never hesitated. It meets my needs completely and it does not fall off my shoulders. Love IT. I got Azalea and it is beautiful. very happy girl.
                          So happy for you!

                          If you wish, when you have time, you could share how you use it, what you carry and how it make your life easier.

                          We can all love to discover novel ways to use our beloved Swifts.
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                            I just got my first TB bag in a Swift. I absolutely love this bag and am having a great time organizing it and keeping it as efficient as possible for my EDC (work). However, it is on the larger side and may not be what I'm looking for during weekends and summers (I frequent my local farmers market as well as Pittsburgh's Strip District, which is a very street-crowded wholesale shopping district). I am definitely purchasing a MCB for these trips, when I don't need to lug my knitting and Kindle around with me.

                            I've been thinking about how to use these bags to complement each other, rather than choosing one or the other. The Swift is a larger bag, and would not be as crowd friendly if carried up on your shoulder, at least in my opinion. It's how I've carried mine so far, and I will also say I have plenty of room to wear it with a bulkier winter coat as well. I want a CB because it will carry closer to me and be more streamlined for weaving in and out of a crowd.


                              Watch out jennygoat, organizing and finding the right bag configuration is addictive. You've landed in a place that will take you a long way, getting to know the products and envisioning them working in the different ways that you live your life also goes a long way. Welcome here, enjoy your new bags, and congratulations!
                              I really, really like TB Bags!