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Traveling Imago (try it for FREE) **this is not spam**

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  • moriond

    I just wanted to comment that I think that's the Quick-Adjust Messenger Strap attached to the Imago. This is an accessory that works well for bags of intermediate weight, that you might want to carry with the strap diagonally across your body, and optionally with the bag riding high on your back (which works well on a bike). The long, padded strap makes this a comfortable carry. It can also be used as a strap option for the larger ID bag. But basically, I think that if the weight of what you're carrying gets large, you may want to go with an Absolute Strap instead.

    Some people who are interested in the Q-AM strap might also be interested in trying this bag out to get a feel for that strap. I use the Q-AM strap on one of my two Imagos.


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  • Janine
    started a topic Traveling Imago (try it for FREE) **this is not spam**

    Traveling Imago (try it for FREE) **this is not spam**

    Hey friends!

    I've been really lucky lately. By mentioning on this forum that I was looking for particular bags, pretty much everything on my wish list has found its way to me. You guys are really great and I wish I could give each and every one of you a hug! Or, if you aren't the hugging type, a warm handshake and a big smile. Or, if you really don't like to touch people, just the big smile. Whatever. I can roll with your brand of crazy. ;-D

    One of the questions we often see on this forum is the "Is this bag right for me?" dilemma. Few of us live close enough to visit the Tom Bihn factory store and compare bags in person. Instead, we rely on the opinions of others who already have the bags we are considering. That's no mean thing; we're a generous and sharing group and we like to talk about Tom Bihn bags. Detailed as our conversation might get, though, it's not a substitute for seeing, touching, packing, unpacking, carrying, and standing in front of the mirror looking.

    I want to share some of the love I've gotten lately by helping out a friend (because if you are reading this, then you are my friend!) who is waffling about an Imago. I have an old-skool Imago, the Yang style, in Hunter/Steel/Steel. I got it for cheap on eBay. It's a little different than the current model, but still an excellent example of the Imago bag layout and Tom Bihn quality. I'd like to send it, for free, to someone who is having trouble figuring out if the Imago is the bag for him/her. It will arrive in a Tom Bihn box (I have several here, how did that happen, doo dee doo) at no cost to you. You can fill it up, carry it around, and do whatever it takes to figure out if the Imago is right for you. If it is, then yay! You can buy one in the color scheme you like best. If it isn't, then you can look for something else without regrets.

    I ask two things in return:

    1. When you are done, pass this bag along to someone else who is waffling so that they can have the same opportunity that you did. You'll pay the shipping. Someone else footed the shipping to get this bag to you, so it's your turn.

    2. Make a note in the enclosed notebook to record the bag's adventures with you. Send the notebook with the Imago to its next owner.

    So, send me a PM if you are interested in test-driving this bag. First respondent gets the first turn with our Traveling Imago.

    Have a great evening, everyone!

    ps. Photos of the Traveling Imago: