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Future of Navy/Iberian color combination in TB bags?

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    Future of Navy/Iberian color combination in TB bags?

    I’m pretty new to Tom Bihn, and have made a few smaller purchases...what can I say, I’m a quick convert! I’m looking at replacing a wheeled bag with an Aeronaut or a Tri-Star with a matching Cadet or Co-Pilot later in the future. Now to my question about colors. I currently have mostly black bags. So I don’t have an issue with black bags, but I think I’m ready to try a color, and I really like the navy. It’s not black, but still fairly conservative which appeals to me. My dilemma is that I love the Iberian red lining, and it is currently paired with black bags only. In searching the forums, I came across a closed poll when the Navy color was introduced. I realize most people preferred the navy/solar combination in the final vote tally, but it seemed that navy/iberian got some love too. Will the navy/Iberian color combination make its way back to any of the bags, or has it been “retired?” For example, I believe the Aeronaut once came in this color combination, and it is pictured on the website, but it is not listed as available to order. All of the recent navy bags have been made with the solar lining only. Please accept a late vote for the navy/iberian combination. Thanks.

    Historygal, great name by the way, . As far as color is concerned Tom is the Great Decider, in other words he has the last word on every color combo which is produced.

    In the forum, finding out that some of us, have really strong feelings about the colors and colors combo we are passionate about (purple/pink girl contingent which I belong to), color we love (blue for me, thanks) or color pairs that some would not be caught wearing anywhere at anytime; is not difficult

    Some time ago, Darcy set up polls about colors and color combo before the introduction of some new items, additional production of already existing items or even just when Tom and the whole crew might want to get the feel of their customer for new color trends which happen regularly in the production of goods.

    I will characterise Tom Bihn bags colors as sophisticated akin to the Classic 20th century fashion designers such as Dior and Yves Saint Laurent and costume designers during MGM color films Golden Era.

    Jewel tones are offered in Ballistic Nylon professional looking and tough fabric, fun and sophisticated secondary colors can be found in the Cordura fabric line, Dyneema ultra lightweight, easy to clean fabric is the realm of joyous primary colors and subdued Steel.
    Ultrasuede, the softest, smoothest of fabric, is not to be forgotten but I think there is two kind, one used to make bags and one used for accessories.

    Tom the creative genius behind the bags need to make a blog post about Ultrasuede, when he has the time or he can delegate the task to Darcy.

    Darcy is the Vice President of TOM BIHN. She also designs, writes, and maintains the content of many of the pages you see on the TOM BIHN website, including our blog. Many of the photographs you see throughout our website are Darcy's, as she works on photographing our factory and taking new photos of our bags. When she's not at work, she's finding lost dogs, hiking, eating Mexican food, taking pictures, meaning to read all kinds of books, listening to Gustavo Santaolalla, Nick Cave, Arvo Part, and Talking Heads, or planning a trip to Sub-Saharan Africa.

    The above is from the About Us webpage of the company and I can personally add that Darcy is one of the nicest person, most responsive to the need of her customer VP, I have ever seen anywhere.


      I too love the Navy Iberian combo and wanted to get one for the Aeronaut! I asked Brian to keep an eye out for one and hopefully before I order, one will pop up. However, I think it's been retired for the Aeronaut but I don't think it's been retired completely. I see the Tri-Star still available in Navy Iberian. I already have a Tri-Star so it's too late for me but you should grab it before it's gone!


        Backpack, thanks for the general overview. In viewing past forums, I agree that Darcy and Katy are wonderful with answering customer questions and giving feedback. Not many companies participate on forums, and the TB staff are outstanding in this area. I hope one of them will be able to share some insight as to the possibility of the navy/iberian color combination making a future appearance.

        Jmachats, I'm glad I am not alone in my love for this color combination. Maybe Brian will be able to locate two Aeronauts in the Navy/Iberian color for each of us. I am leaning towards pulling the trigger on the Tri-Star in the Navy/Iberian combo before they sell out. My decision would be easier if I had hope that they would be bringing this color combination at some point to the Co-Pilot and/or Cadet since I am somewhat OCD about having my bags match. I am thinking I could order the Tri-Star in the Navy/Iberian and then order a future bag in Navy/Solar if the Navy/Iberian is not offered, and then at least they would match on the outside while going through the airport.


          Historygal, that's interesting because I'm actually the other way. I like variety of colors in my bags and try not to have them all the same color. I hope we get so lucky! However, I'm not too optimistic - Katy looked all over and couldn't find one, Brian told me he hadn't seen one in awhile. So I'm not getting my hopes up. However, it was the same situation with my Super Ego and the day I called to order Brian told me the color I wanted had been found! So you never know.

          You're best bet is to email Darcy or Katy and find out if there are any plans to bring the N/I combo back to more bags. I asked Brian about the Aeronaut specifically and it didn't sound too likely but you never know. The new navy came out in May of last year, and the solar was more popular so maybe they just made less of the N/I combo.


            Here's another vote for the Navy/Iberian combo! Ever since the birth of one of my little darlings on the Fourth of July I LOVE all things red, white and blue!


              I have a Tri Star in Navy/Iberian and I can confirm that it is a fantastic combo! I wouldn't wait to see what might be coming down the track as you might miss out altogether. Bird in the hand.....


                A Co-Pilot in Iberian would look great with the navy/iberian TriStar, IMO. The Co-Pilot would have black piping (which looks terrific with the red), so you wouldn't match completely - you'd have to consider that. But it would probably bring joy to your heart when you open up the TriStar and see the happy match with its Co-Pilot friend. Plus the bag is only 11 ounces in the dyneema fabric, which is a major benefit.


                  Tiacltme--I think you nailed it. I think it is exactly the patriotic color combination that appeals to me. Hello! My name is Tri-Star. I was born in the United States and am looking forward to traveling all over this great country with historygal for work and fun. In keeping with the aeronautical theme of TB bag names, I am reminded of one of my favorite WWI recruiting posters featuring Lady Columbia. My new mantra will be, “Tri-Star Forward!”

                  Click image for larger version

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                  JLE--I agree. I think I will order soon before I regret it.

                  kmcg-- I too, have considered this option. While they wouldn’t match, they would at least coordinate enough that I won’t have to spend a fortune in future therapy sessions, . More money to spend on TB bags!


                    I'm waiting for a Navy/Iberian Western Flyer. Any chance of getting one, Darcy?




                      I'm bumping this thread in case it got overlooked by Darcy and Katy. Does anyone from TB want to weigh in on their thoughts about the future of the Navy/Iberian color combination?


                        I like the combination on my aeronaut quite a bit, FWIW. From the pictures of the navy/solar combo, I'm glad I got my aeronaut when I did. It would have been a tougher decision whether to go navy, black or steel if not for the iberian interior. With iberian, I thought navy was a no-brainer.


                          Popularity of this combination depends on product page pictures

                          Just wanted to note that I believe it's the available photos that drive the popularity of many color combinations in sales. In the case of Navy/Iberian, there are a lot of pictures in the forums and in the blog that show this combination well. Here are a few:

                          By comparison, I'd say that most of the images on the product page for the Aeronaut don't show this color combination to best advantage, because they're too small, and the impression of the Iberian dyneema suffers because of this. (This is also somewhat true of other Iberian dyneema products -- they look better in person than in the pictures.) The main exceptions are the mouseover g and e views of the side pocket interior in Iberian, but it's hard for most new buyers to extrapolate from that.

                          Now, there are other colors that don't photograph as impressively as they appear in person. Indigo is a prime example. But many people liked the blue color at the time when other color offerings were scarce. And a lot of forum members bought it because the color was introduced with the Tri-Star, so they bought the new Tri-Star in that color, then posted pictures and told their friends. However, with Navy/Iberian, even if I like the color I'm not going to buy a new Aeronaut, Tri-Star, Western Flyer, or Co-Pilot. So the popularity of that color combination rests entirely on how well it's presented in the product page pictures. And if it doesn't sell well, then that combination won't be offered again.

                          Just my thoughts. YMMV



                            Originally posted by SusanM View Post
                            I'm waiting for a Navy/Iberian Western Flyer. Any chance of getting one, Darcy?


                            Just before I ordered my black/Iberian WF I asked Katy if they were going to produce any WF in navy/Iberian (I specifically wanted the sleeve pockets, not the backpack straps), and she said there were no plans.... :-(


                              Navy/Iberian isn't gone forever. And maybe you'll see a new combination that's similar. Maybe not. There's too much up in the air right now to say for sure either way. Stay tuned!
                              Have a question? @Darcy (to make sure I see it)

                              Current carry: testing new potential materials in the form of Original Large Shop Bags.