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Any recommendations for packing make-up?

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    Any recommendations for packing make-up?

    My wife and I have a 4 night trip coming up in May, and then a 7 night trip in August. Since I got my Brain Bag (and her Smart Alec arrives tomorrow!) and have been poking around this site and some 'light traveling' sites, we're re-assessing how we pack and what luggage we use. I just ordered some more organizational stuff last night (the 3/1/1 bag, the clear quarter packing cube, and the Side Effect) and I think that's going to allow me to pack everything I need into my Brain Bag except my clothes, and I think I can get those into a pretty compact space.

    For my wife, she's never found a satisfactory way to transport make-up. What she tells me is either the container is too flimsy and her stuff gets damaged, or it's too bulky and heavy and takes up too much space. So I'm curious what some of you ladies do who pack make-up on your travels. Any recommendations?

    I actually ordered the clear quarter packing cube for two reasons. One, I think I can put my toiletries on one side and then all my nutritional stuff (supplements, smoothie powder mixes, organic food bars) into the other side. If so, that will be terrific. But I'm also hoping that maybe that can be a good make-up bag for her.

    I'll be grateful for any recommendations, thanks.

    Not a makeup wearer myself, but have you looked at the Kit? Detail (d) shows it holding cosmetics.


      Looks like it's just one big pouch. I think she wants separate pockets for brushes, etc....


        Okay, start with the basics: What all does she want to carry? What in the past has gotten damaged?

        (Just want to add that the Kit is made of ballistic nylon and therefore feels good to handle. Check out ballistic-versus-cordura when the Smart Alec arrives.)
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          I have bigger bag with pockets and such i got at Target years ago that holds all of my makeup at home. When I travel, I just pack the basics in a small OP. I can fit a compact, eyeshadow, mascara, eye liner, concealor, a lip stick, and lip gloss. I try to keep all of my clothes in the same color family so i can use the same eye shadow and lip stick. And the eye shadow has 4 colors in it. Does she really need a ton of makeup when travelling?


            Thanks for the responses, guys. No cue about the answers to the questions. I'm going to have her lay out for me all the cosmetic and toiletry stuff she wants to take on our next trip and then we'll go through and, first, make sure there's nothing that can't be left behind, and second, determine the optimal packing strategy for what's left.

            Maybe a pencil/pen organizer pouch for the brushes and the kit bag for the rest? I don't think she carries a ton of stuff, just want to get it as efficient as possible.


              I'm a big fan of the clear quarter packing cube. I use it as my swim bag. It takes up very little space and holds a ton of stuff in a well organized way. I can pack a towel, swimsuit, goggles, swim cap, and toiletries in it. It'll definitely handle brushes in one side and cosmetics in the other. I have a picture of what it holds in the packing lists section.


                Rocks......wow, that's awesome.

                One thing I'd love to see with your pics, is one with everything in the bag, and then one with the same items spread out outside the bag. Tough to tell size and scale from those photos. How big is the towel you put in there?

                I just ordered one of those bags last night, looks really versatile!


                  I would say a kit, 3D organizer cube, medium pouch (to fit brushes), or even a yarn stuff sack.
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                    Here's some pics. I have a 3oz. bottle of shampoo/ conditioner, lotion, and hair stuff. The towel is twice the size as in the picture, so it's pretty big.
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                      That's awesome. That thing holds a lot.

                      Thanks for taking the time and effort to post these, much appreciated!


                        I am going to guess that your wife may be finding her brushes get ruined when they are thrown into a flimsy bag along with her other cosmetics. I have been occupied by the same problem in the past. Here is a range of suggestions (none of which includes "do without", as I don't see why she should! - makeup is a highly personal thing and really doesn't take up much space if you choose and pack it efficiently), in case that's the problem.

                        1. By far the quickest, lightest, easiest and cheapest - put the brushes into a snap lock, roll it up tightly around them and put that into whatever cosmetics bag she prefers. They will not get damaged because the bag will protect the bristles. I often use this method myself. It would work perfectly with the TB bag you have in mind.

                        2. Buy a brush roll. Lots of cosmetics houses make these, sometimes in leather (too heavy) but often in nylon. I have seen them at Mac and Bobbi Brown recently (in Australia) and I am sure you could find options at a pharmacy/drugstore. Bobbi Brown from time to time even has mini travel brush sets that come in their own little case (which would be big enough to accommodate a few extras such as a small lipstick as well as the brushes). It's not the cheapest option but she might like them as a dedicated travel set and the brushes are good quality. Another idea is to check out a professional makeup artists supplier - probably all their cases would be too big for travel but you might find something, you never know.

                        3. Look for a cosmetics case that has a separate pouch for brushes. I have a fancy one by Anya Hindmarch in black nylon that has a gusseted main pouch (so it holds a lot for its dimensions) and an attached, flatter pouch that is designed for brushes. It weighs barely a few grams because the materials are so lightweight. It is my main makeup bag and when at home I use the brush section for aspirin, hair clip, nail clippers and other odds and ends that would otherwise drift to the bottom of my bag.

                        If this isn't her problem, sorry for wasting your time!


                          JLE....great suggestions, I'll pass them on, thank you!

                          I'm hoping that either the Clear Quarter Packing Cube or the combo of the pen/pencil case and the Kit will do the trick. We'll see what she thinks. I appreciate all the advice from everyone!


                            Originally posted by conejo23 View Post
                            JLE....great suggestions, I'll pass them on, thank you!

                            I'm hoping that either the Clear Quarter Packing Cube or the combo of the pen/pencil case and the Kit will do the trick. We'll see what she thinks. I appreciate all the advice from everyone!
                            She may find the kit is bigger than she needs if the brushes are going in a separate bag. And it's just a personal thing but I find the shape of the kit looks like it would be a bit harder to pack efficiently than the more rectilinear bags. What about the 3-1-1 bag - that's a pretty good size for makeup.


                              Funny you mention it, the 3/1/1 bag just got ordered last night, as well. I actually just ordered that bag, the CQPC, the Side Effect and the wallet. So I'll let her take a look at the latest batch of Bihn goodies and see if she thinks any of them might work.

                              And yeah, the Kit is just a beautiful bag, but it doesn't look like it would use space efficiently in a bag.